I Think You Think I Think

Sometimes I pause before I hit the ‘Publish’ button on my posts. I wonder if maybe I’m divulging too much information, or conversely, if I’m holding back and not being honest to myself or anyone that takes the time to stop by. I wonder if anybody besides me understands what I’m writing, or for that matter, cares. I wonder if I sound like a lunatic. I wonder if my words resonate with anyone or make anybody laugh. I wonder if anybody thinks about my words once they click away.
I hit that button anyway, and I feel good doing it, but still, for a moment, I wonder.

Well, I doubt anybody will be making a You’re Not Such a Lunatic! button, or starting the What the Hell Were You Thinking When You Wrote This Post Awards, so that kind of feedback will just have to be left in comments. But they do make a Thinking Blogger award, and someone thought of me. Canape, whose own blog is chock-full of thinky goodness, (as a thinker, I think of new words all the time) thinks that I think! Who woulda thunk it?

So Canape, thank you for thinking that I think. I will now put away my draft post on the 50 best fart jokes and start on something smarter.

But you know what the best part of this award is? That I get to now bestow it on others! I must say, this was not an easy task. No, sillies, not because you’re all a bunch of dumbasses, but because many of you have already, deservedly been thusly honoured. However, much to my delight, I do get to pass the title on to two of my favourite, thinkingest bloggy friends out there

Cinnamon Gurl
Cin is spice-coloured goodness. She writes the most descriptive posts I’ve ever read, and takes crazyawesome pictures to boot. When she’s not writing the most beautiful letters to her little Swee’pea, she’s taking us with her on an eye-opening adventure to a divergent land where she still manages to see beauty everywhere.

A wonderful, vivid mesh of photography, poetry, parenting advice and soft core (you heard me), you never know what you’ll get from Crazymumma, and trust me, you’ll never be disappointed. Oh, and she has a firebird. I dare you to find a cooler mom in the t-dot.

I think I'll go celebrate with a fancy coffee.


  1. amen. you, crazymum, Sin...

    it's Canada, I tell you. The thinkiest chicks live there. And you each think with such grace and humor.

    O, Canada.

  2. Congrats. Hope you enjoyed your fancy coffee.

    Excellent nominations. I totally agree Crazymamma
    never disappoints.

    Now as for those other awards, I really think you are onto something there.

  3. aw, shucks, thanks!

    Congrats! I'm so glad those awards are still going around. I totally would have nominated you when I was so kindly bestowed a while back, but since you weren't blogging yet, I couldn't.

  4. But I want to hear 50 fart jokes!

  5. Gosh, I wish I had written your first para! That's exactly how I feel and you said it so well.
    Congrats on the award.
    Maybe five fart jokes?

  6. What could be more thinky than 50 fart jokes? I can't even think of four. Although when I was four, I probably could have thought of 50, but they all would have been, "What smells like farts? You do!"

    Well-named all of you, you crazy thinkers!

  7. Yup. Love 'em both. Love you too. Hip, hip hooray for thinky-ness.

  8. I thought you knew that I thought you thunked well. If I knew there was an award for thunking I would have given it to you - even if you had posted 50 world-class fart jokes (are there any other kind?).

    I'm glad someone confirmed your wonderful thinking ability because not all who blog possess it (this commenter is case in example ;).

  9. Yay for you!!

    Now, since it's been acknowledged that you think so well, can you share the fart jokes?

    I'm always looking for good ones to tell the kids.

    I like to think of it as our bonding activity...

  10. Hooray! Congratulations. I've been enjoying your posts, often accompanied by a fancy coffee.

    I can see why you put off the fart jokes. Everyone knows that the very best fart joke ever is 'pull my finger', and that one loses something in the writing. I'm just sayin'.


  11. I know I'm smarter for reading your blog. I aspire to your smartosity.

  12. shucks hon...thanks. And I went over and checked out Cinnamon. You are right....

  13. Congratulations! It is muchly deserved. I'm also a huge fan of made up words. It makes our language even more interesting. I would love to create a whole new language. Mwah-haha-haha. (Yah that would be in there defined as evil gleefulness)

    I'm holding my breath until
    someone bestows upon me the You’re Not Such a Lunatic! button. Bring it!


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