Oh, It's Such a Perfect Day

Wanna hear something fun?
For the first time in almost two years, I have the house to myself. For the whole day. With no child or husband due for hours and hours. Bliss.

So what am I gonna do? Well, not much. Having the house to myself for the first time in two years triggers a condition in which I am completely blind to the Mount Everest-sized pile of laundry sitting on my bedroom floor that desperately needs to be folded and put away; causes me to be incapable of noticing the couscous that spilled on the stove last night and was never cleaned up, and renders invisible the various half-baked projects around the house, like our attempt at cleaning out the basement so that it can finally be Bee’s playroom, or any of the myriad of crafts that languish in my craft corner. (that’s code for, in a bag on the floor in the basement that hasn’t been cleaned out)

So far today, the biggest decision I have had to make is whether to watch A Baby Story or Dawson’s Creek. Don’t be daft – of course Dawson won. Who’s your favourite? I’m a Pacey girl myself. Well, I like Jack too, but that’s just a throwback to my hag days. Dawson? Blech. Wuss. I prefer my Creek boys tall, dark and sarcastic. I won’t even get into the ‘where did you go katie holmes, you cruisified freakazoid?’ because, you know. Cliché.
See how much fun a day off is!

After bad ‘90s teen drama ends, I may read blogs for a while, pet the cat and perhaps shower at some point, but only because I will be leaving the house for the only reason I would leave the house when I have it to myself – to go meet my best friend and go to the beauty parlour together! And then we’ll go out for dinner, and by time I get home, Chris will have Bee fed, changed, in pajamas and ready to give me a big smooch goodnight before he goes and cleans that couscous, folds the laundry and organizes the basement, pausing only long enough to make me a cup of tea and play with my new fabulous new hair for a while.

Too far? Ok. I’ll settle for everything up to that smooch from Bee.

Gotta go now – looks like I’m almost out of coffee, and I’ll have to make some more before I watch You Are What You Eat, even though Zoboomafoo and Go, Diego, Go are on. Heaven.


  1. Omigod, I'm so jealous!

    And it's Pacey all the way, my friend. Dawson has a freakishly big head.

  2. Good for you!

    I don't really like either of them; both a little too smugly clever... I think I'll go with Jack's hag... interestingly, a kid at swee'pea's daycare is named Pacey. I don't mean to be rude, and I hope no one reads this who named their kid Pacey, but I put that in the category of what were they thinking? I'm dying to know if they're hardcore Dawson's Creek fans but too shy to ask.

  3. Ugh. I have the day off with no hub and no kids and I HAVE to clean because Cin is staying here tonight and...uh...we have to make sure there are no hazards for Swee'pea. Yeah, it's got nothing to do with my stupid pride and wanting to look like this is the state my house is in at all times. With a toddler. Pssh.

    I never watched the show regularly -- Joe's housemates watched it all the time when we met -- but the actor who played Pacey sure had to wear a lot of makeup to cover up his acne. Why can't cool kids in a teen drama have acne? I'm sure the make-up only made it worse.

  4. Sounds awesome!

    I choose Jen. Is that her name? The blonde.

  5. lucky you, oh am i ever jealous

  6. Aaaaaahhhhhh. Sounds like HEAVEN.

    Hey, how's your father doing?

  7. it's the little things, isn't it...like reclaiming your space after so long....

    i had one of those days this week, and reveled in it. go, you.

  8. you are so funny!
    I hope you enjoyed your day of "freedom"
    and might I just say that I too, am a bit of a Pacey fan.
    Dawson is soooooo like annoying.

  9. I am ridiculously jealous of you right now.

    I really hope you enjoyed your all-to-yourself day.

  10. Now that is my idea of a perfect day.
    None of the creek boys really did it for me but I was a total addict. I think I liked pre-crusified katie most of all. I am not even sure if I could watch reruns without being traumatised by what has happened to her.

  11. A day alone...sounds blissful.

  12. That sounds downright heavenly. Enjoy your day off!

    (Now if only I can arrange something like that for myself...)

  13. Pacey. How I loved him...

    Congrats on the free day.

    I hope you enjoyed it.

  14. Ah, solitude....is there any better bliss?

  15. I love being alone in my own space. So rare. so precious.

  16. Again!!! Again!!

  17. Dawson's Creek. No contest.

  18. I had a day to myself last week, but my back was out and I spent most of it on the floor.

    And now I have Lou Reed in my head.

  19. I think that days to yourself are mandatory however posting about them should be illegal. (Only because I'm turning green with envy.)

    I'm happy for you. Really. Plus, I'm sure your hair looks beautiful.

  20. is it wrong when i get all selfish and hungry when you don't post for a few days?
    probably. but still.

  21. I have a secret soft spot for teen dramas and movies as well...

    And definitely Pacey and Jack over the oh-so-annoying Dawson. I was delighted when Pacey got the girl in the end.


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