Oh No You Di'int




i have to go cry now.


  1. She looks so so sweet! It was great meeting you on Fri night. And I finally found your new blog, yes I'm slow!!!

  2. She is way too cute. Is this the first haircut?

  3. it's precious...it so is.

  4. So cute! Where did you take her?

  5. Oooh, that's going to hurt. I've been putting it off. She looks so sweet, though.

  6. Your kid is gorgeous. Even if her haircut looks like someone tossed a bowl on her head and trimmed around it. Sorry.

    I'm a little bitter about haircuts these days. I agreed to let my sister in law cut my son's hair. He's trying to grow it long.

    She butchered him. He now looks like one of the dudes from Dumb and Dumber.

    I just want to cry.

    Hair grows though, right????

    She really is adorable.

  7. so i did this under complete duress - she was at the point where she was literally holding her hair out of her face while she ran around.

    bottom line - she's cute - the haircut? meh. he did a good job with what he had - a child that dissolved into hysterics mere seconds after the picture was taken. (you can see it coming.)

    i'll get over it.

  8. Oh my goodness! When did Bee become a little girl? We though she was a baby still...freaky. Love you!

  9. It's not bad, really! And her cuteness makes you forget she even has hair. Um....

    Yeah. Hair is a tough topic. :)

    btw, today is the first day in over a week that I can comment on your site. WhooHoo!

  10. awwww. she is so fine! I would cry as well, not because of the haircut, but because it is a step on the road.

    Did you keep a lock?

  11. OMG - you know how I feel about this and how I don't want to do it to B. But for god sakes, B is running into walls folks! I must suck it up and follow in your BRAVE BRAVE footsteps.

    And um... I cried reading this post.

    And in the "during" photo - if looks could spit, we would all be wiping big loogies off our faces.

  12. Oh my. It's two year, one month and counting and I am still putting off that fateful day.

    Truth be told, though, the Bee looks adorable. But then she always did.

  13. Her smile slays me. Too cute for words. REally.

  14. She's adorable! But you knew that right?

    I had the same reaction to the Boy's recent haircut. And now she can see where she's going, right? Always a good thing.

    I'm so glad I met you on Friday. I really hope that we can get together soon.

  15. I totally know how you feel -- Oliver had his first haircut this weekend and I COULDN'T GO because I had to stay home with Julia, who was sick. I did get a lock of hair though, and I put it away in his special little caboose that holds his first lock of hair and his first tooth.

    It's bittersweet, eh?

    She's ADORABLE!


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