As The Blood Volume Increases, The Brain Volume Decreases

This pregnancy is kicking my tired ass right now. And while I am thankful for every single little minute that I am getting the beatdown from raging hormones, doubling blood volume, sensory overload, crazy mo-fo fatigue and seriously premature weight gain, it is making it kind of difficult to do much else.

These are the exact symptoms I dealt with when first pregnant with Bee (except the ridiculous weight gain – holy shit, it’s like my stomach muscles received the message and said, oh hey, we remember this – ready, EXPAND!), but the difference is, well there was no Bee to deal with.

If I wanted to sit on the couch and deliver whiny directives to Chris all night, I could do it. Now, however, I must deliver whiny directives to Chris while convincing Bee that tea parties are much more fun when we’re lying down, and that Daddy really really wants to do pretty much everything for her right now and Mummy doesn’t want Daddy to be sad, so she’s going to let him. Bee’s answer? A very adorable, ‘Don’t fink so!’
Ahh, toddlers. Almost as demanding and unreasonable as their pregnant mothers.

Poor Chris. This pregnancy has got to be as hard on him as it is on me right now. Luckily, I have one of those husbands who seriously steps up, does whatever he needs to do to with a minimal amount of complaint and maintains a pretty high level of concern for his daughter, his wife and her belly while doing it all. Chris has been doing all the laundry, all the cooking, all the straightening up and looking after pretty much all of Bee’s needs (I’ve changed exactly two poopy diapers in the past 4 weeks), while still catering to all of my whims and cravings.

Ah, whims and cravings. Like, that by 6:30 every evening I excuse myself to go take a long, hot shower because it relaxes me and helps stave off the nausea that always makes an appearance around that time. Or like my need to eat shwag mr.noodle-type food Now! Now! Now! And anything else will make me sick, but if I don’t eat Now! Now! Now! I’m going to be sick anyway! (Thank you, Chef Woo, for making MSG-free shwag noodles.) Or like insisting that we leave the house Sunday morning at 9am to go get Montreal-style bagels while they will still be warm, and then eating 3 before we even get home.

Actually, that one is more like an ethnic mandidate than a craving.

To sum up: Me – tired but thankful; still worried but that will be alleviated slightly when I see my midwife soon (hooray!). Chris – awesome and slightly overworked, but will be rewarded when the second trimester whoremones (thanks for that one, Scarb) kick in. Bee – adorable and demanding. Blogosphere – severely neglected, but not for too much longer. Chef Woo – cookin’ it up good.

Better go; it’s bagel time.


  1. But you're glowing, right?


    Can I tempt you with some *real* Montreal bagels, upon my return from that great city in two and a half weeks? I can't promise they'll be warm, though.

  2. You have yourself a fantastic hubbie! I remember all too well the "must have food NOW NOW NOW!" - BUT - only certain types of foods. Guys put up with a lot, I guess.

    Oh, and if you don't want Sage's bagels, I'll take 'em.

  3. Chris sounds like a keeper fer sher!

    That must eat NOW NOW NOW thing really sucked, because it comes upon one so suddenly. It'd be nice to have some warning... I remember struggling around New Orleans when I was 8 weeks pregnant, seriously wilting from the late June humidity, trying to find a place that served vegetarian food and finding nothing that wasn't deep fried, and nauseous to boot. I still get a bit nauseous when I think of New Orleans.

    Hang in there!

  4. Ugh, I remember that stage all too well. I'm back to the exhaustion stage, although instead of nausea I now have sharp pains in my cervix. Fun!

    And yeah, you have a Husband of the Year nominee there. I think mine has actually done less since I've been pregnant. He doesn't understand that growing a human being actually takes energy, even though he can't see me physically working on it.

  5. I feel a bit jealous Kgirl. I remember my first pregancy. Basking in the glow of being a perfect earth mother, whoremones doing wonders for my skin and hair, my still firm and just right body looking like a poster child for pregnany.

    Then #2. Four months pregnant and looking 8. Hair sticky and greasy and what happened to my skin? That was the summer bigirl watched The Little Mermaid all day long while I slept on the couch beside her.

    But I still sorta wish to go it again ya know? If you need food delivery or kid care you just up and let me know. She would LOVE it here....(have you told her yet?)

  6. Hang in there and do whatcha gotta do to get by, it's tough. You are sweet to acknowledge Chris' support, it's important.

  7. One of the main reasons I don't think I will ever be pregnant again is that if I were to have the same 1st trimester I had last time, social services would need to come for my neglected daughter.

    "I don't fink so?" Priceless.

    Keep on, keepin' on, kgirl.

  8. Sage - you know that teasing a pregnant woman is a sin, right?

    Cin - it is so too bad that you had to experience New Orleans like that. While yes, finding veggie options there is tough, it is still such a yummy place.

  9. oh, bravo woman, bravo.

    how fabulous we get to witness the whole thing as you go along.

    i can see your radiance from here.

  10. I remember the first trimester woes: rushing to the kitchen trash to vomit or dry heave, and the tired. Good Lord the tired. It felt like my blood was composed of liquid valium with a little red dye.

    And when you have another little one to tend to...it's that much more challenging.

    Hang in there. Sounds like you're doing fab!

  11. Kelly - liquid Valium - yes, exactly!

  12. So this is where you wound up!!!

    I had no idea that your were preggo. CONGRATS!!!

    Home birth, I assume?!?

    How about a 2nd semester play date? We'll play it by ear.

  13. Be tough, sweetie. That first trimester is a bee-yotch.

  14. where do my comments keep going?

    Chef Woo has totally kept me alive too. I hope Sage comes through with your bagels.

  15. Well, I don't have much to lose but not only is teasing you a sin but it's just darn mean. I'll totally come through with your bagels.

    In Mtl the first weekend in May. Our trunk will likely be full of baked doughy goodness. I'm sure we could spare a few.

  16. I gained a good 15 the first trimester with Pumpkinpie because the arrowroots and crackers beat down the nausea for a while. Next time? Peppermint tea instead.

    I've heard that the second time, you start showing right after you pee on the stick. Greeeaaattt...

  17. congrats- on being preggers, not on feeling like crap of course.
    the first trimester is what I fear the most, at least it doesn't last that long,
    though while you are in it, it feels like an eternity.
    hang in there.

    not that you need or want any advise, but ginger spelt cookies worked like magic for me.


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