Happy Mother's Day to Kgirl (Guest Post By Chris)

Want the mummy!
Want you to give me cuddles and hugs, and tickle me, which you do with little or no prompting.
Want the da dat! No, other dat! Want the mummy.
Want to see you the second you walk in the door, or come down the stairs, or come out of the bathroom, or waking up from naps.
Want help mummy. No like the shower.
Want you to sing me all the songs you sing, and bunny song. No giraffe. Bunny.
Mummy cute!
Want up up up so that I can be with you no matter what complex task you might be performing, because everything you do fascinates me.
Want pandas. What panda doing? No like the rooster.
Want you to make all your uber healthy delicious meals, and give in everytime when I want ketchup and salad dressing on it.
Want booby.
Want to slowly grudgingly fall asleep in my favourite place, cuddled up on your lap, touching your face, just me and mummy and nothing else.
Want mummy wake up. Pooper.
Want only you at night, so much so that I want to be centimetres from your face at all times, with your arms wrapped around me.
Want the mummy.

Luv bumblebee and soon to bee!


  1. "Want mommy wake up. Pooper." --Ah, those sweet whispers of love.

  2. Hey, ketchup is healthy too now. Full of lycopene, an important anti-oxidant.

    And "Mummy cute!" How much do I love that??

  3. What a sweetie. (And Bee's sweet too).

  4. snorfle. loud and wet blowing into kleenex.

    That was really lovely. How could she not want you?.....I practically want to sit in your lap.

  5. yes yes want the mummy! I completely understand bumblebee (and so does my B)

    Happy Mother's Day

  6. Awww. Happy Mother's Day (and funny...Joe and I just had a conversation today about him being a sometimes-guest-blogger).

  7. "soon to bee". I like it!

  8. Chris, you are a sweet guy...THAT was nice.

  9. oh...he sees you, doesn't he.

    and how wonderful is it to be seen. yum.

  10. How wonderful! Happy Mother's Day (little late).


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