I am

A keeper of secrets
A giver of headaches
A cuddler of babies
And husbands when they wake

A wisher of things
That I may never be
‘Til I snap out of it
And say, ‘Nah, that’s not me.’

A sister, a daughter
A mother and wife,
A supplier of kisses
And coffee and life

Encouraging you
To stay for a while
Tho’ the dishes ain’t done
And the laundry may pile

A holder of horses
And purses and hands
An explorer of feelings
And far distant lands

Avoiding the issues
That may cause me pain –
Not recommeded,
Tho it does keep me sane

A writer of poems
And paycheques and notes
I turn sand into boulders
And tears into moats

Like a duck,
I let it all roll off my back
‘Til the weight of the water
Reveals a crack

Strong as I look
(and cute as a bug)
I could live on your smile
Your laugh and your hug

So stay close beside me,
We’ll get there one day
I’ve made it this far
And I’ve got more to say.


Lisa made me do this. Pardon the rhyming; I've been writing children's songs for weeks.

I did not want to be presumptuous enough to assume that any of you fine people would want to write poetry, so I didn't tag anyone. But if you do, consider yourself tagged, and let me know; I'll add a link to your masterpiece.


  1. I'm glad you've got more to say :)

    (and can I say I'm impressed - mine would be "I like orange... uh... uh... sh*t)

  2. There's nothing wrong with rhyming. I happen to like poems that rhyme!

    Looking forward to all you have to say (and I know you have no shortage of words). ;)

    The laundry can pile away.

  3. That was beautiful.

    And I will be here listening to everything you have to say.

    I hope you frame that and put it on the wall.

  4. Wow, that's brilliant!! I love that you put supplier of coffee and life in the same line... the mundane and the profound.

    I so admire your ability to rhyme AND write something meaningful and coherent. I had to read it twice.

    Now I'm going to read it again.

  5. "A holder of horses
    And purses and hands"

    I love-love-LOVED.

    This is awesome.

  6. Beautiful! I can't rhyme worth a dime (heh) but your poem is wonderful.

  7. "A writer of poems
    And paycheques and notes"


    We are all renaissance women. We do it all.

    Loved your poem!

  8. This had a really nice rhythm to it... I like it. ;-)

  9. I really liked it. I have no talent for poetry, but I can appreciate it!

  10. I knew I tagged you for a reason.

  11. ah. i like you so very much.

  12. Me likey a lot.

    A lot.


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