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Day 2 started off peachy. Bee woke me promptly at 6 am and spent the next half and hour ateempting to force feed me various books and toys until I finally agreed to get up and make her some breakfast. I left for work with Bee happily playing with our nanny and everything was rainbows and unicorns.

The phone rings at noon. “Can Cole (the 1yr old we share our nanny with, nanny sharing has worked well for us) have some of Bee’s super awesome rice? He doesn’t like his lunch.” Unicorns and rainbows, baby. I rule.

Until I get home.

Bee’s staring through our screen door crying her eyes out and wailing “want the mommy”. I scoop her up immediately, my poor girl.

Apparently she had been upset since Cole went home, which is normally preceded by mum arriving home. She's actually been okay with mommy being gone up to this point, but there are limits. Mum is now conspicuously absent, and Bee is way past the consolations of “she’ll be home later” & “we'll go get mum on the weekend” all the way to “meet robot mommy, she has a built in ice cream maker.” Wolves howl in the distance.

Still, she’s a daddy’s girl, and if I promise to take her to the park and give her a stale raisin bagel she will, in her words, ‘feel better’. The unicorns slowly poke their heads out from behind their rainbows and she’s tenatively feeling better. The park was all ours, her stale bagel was coated with sand, and we go up and down and up and down the slide over and over again. There was only the occasional protest as I tried to gently coax the formerly raisin but now everything bagel out of her hand.

Crisis averted.

Later I call Kgirl, and tell her we miss her. Kgirl misses us too, but Bee wants to go to sleep.
goodnight bee. goodnight unicorns. goodnight robot mommy.


  1. Oh that little, sweet Bee!

    Sounds like a yummy bagel.

  2. Everything bagel! I like it.

  3. Can I borrow robot mommy when kgirl gets home? I could use a break (okay, I really just want the built-in ice cream maker).

  4. Reminds me of robot Buffy raising Dawn. Sorry. Non-sequitur.

  5. No wonder Kgirl loves you.

  6. LOL, this post had me cracking up. Robot mommy, rainbows and unicorns...sounds pretty good so far, dude.

  7. Robot mom barely worked for the sad little rhesus monkeys but she didn't have an ice cream maker (or a super cool dad armed with stale bagels).

    Unicorns sound super trippy but entertaining, how can a kid resist? Hang in there Dad.

  8. I had something touching to say, but then I read Mad's comment and it cracked my shit up and now I forget what I was going to say.

  9. Oh dear. My husband's currently out of the county on business and my toddler has been asking for daddy... they just don't understand when they're little....


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