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Yes that’s right its daddy/daughter week at thekidsarealright blog. It’s just me and bee. Completely and utterly and with no one else alone. And our cat.
Which is fine, as it’s been scientifically proven by scientists using science that dads are way more fun than moms. See graph for details.

As part of daddy/daughter fun week we went to monarch park, which like most parks on weekend mornings, is traditionally dad filled. Which is fine with me, because for the most part, dads are not chatty. Mums for some reason always want to turn it into a social event, but I respect the park for what it is, a place to eat dirt. Bee doesn’t want to know your kids name, she wants your shovel. And I don't really want to know either, because I also want your shovel. And there are swings.

Lunchtime met with my first single parent non dirt meal. I don’t count breakfast, because breakfast is usually my thing with bee in the mornings anways. So for lunch I had to forge brave new territory outside of add milk to cereal. I ask Bee what she usually has, to which she answers “Ice Cream”. I think this is really irresponsible of my wife to feed her ice cream for lunch everyday, but okay. After ice cream, I decide to break with Kgirl’s suspect meal plan, and make grilled cheese sandwiches, which were a huge success, if a little long in coming, as it had rained and the bbq took awhile to start, so I guess the ice cream was good filler. Did I mention my entire meal plan for the week centers around the bbq?

Anyways, emboldened by my nutritional triumph over kgirl’s lunch policies, for dinner I make salmon, (on the bbq) and decide to try to make rice. I’m hesitant to do this, as it requires measurements and cups and the stove. I tried to make blueberry pancakes awhile ago, and that went apocalyptically. (never cook for a pregnant woman who demands pancakes you don’t have, the first 3 stores don’t carry, have never made before, and looks like a crepe when finished)
I push past the mental scarring, and add the 2 ¼ cups of water to the pot, take some deep breaths, find a different pot that actually holds 2 1/4 cups of water and empty it into that, bring it to a boil, add the rice, fight back the tears and let simmer for a half hour of internal anguish.

And success! Rice and salmon and mostly thawed broccoli later and it’s all hugs and hoorays from Bee! Well, it would of been, but she was watching Dora the Explorer during dinner, and she was pretty zoned out. I rule. Everybody dance!

so to sum, day 1
injuries sustained - 0
meals ruined - 0
breakdowns - 0
breakdowns (meal related) - 1/2
fun - 200%


  1. "scientifically proven by scientists using science". Heh!

    You've already done better than me on my good days. Way to go You!

  2. Congratulations! No blood. No tears (at least from Bee). And you had time to blog. Impressive.

  3. it's rather hard to put into words how much i love that you wrote this post.

  4. Hey great job! On both surviving day 1 AND keeping up the blog.

  5. Well done! Mamma will be proud.

  6. Sounds like you kids are having fun over there!

  7. That is one successful mommy(ahem) daddyblogger kind of day.

    High five!

    And, uh, you're NOT supposed to only feed your kids ice cream? Shit. I knew I was doing something wrong.

    Hey, that's MY shovel.

  8. That science is very pursuasive. It's hard to argue with graphs.

  9. Can't argue with scientists. Your recordings and observations of park society is dead on - eat dirt and give me that g**damn shovel, pretty much sums it up.

  10. Hehehehe! You can actually have two healthy meals of dirt a day, if that helps. Best if from two different parks. Variety of mineral, you know.

  11. I think I love you. No really. You made me laugh really hard.

    I think every Dad in the universe feels the same way you do about the park social scene...

    so freakin' funny...oh my gawd...

  12. This is funny. Really, really funny.

    And who wouldn't want the shovel?

  13. blah, blah, blogMay 29, 2007

    Hey kboy,

    Yes, thanks for keeping up the blog. I think I would have developed a twitch by week's end if I had to face full withdrawal.

    But, two vital pieces of information are missing: How did the first _night_ go?! And how many times did poor mommy call/email/text?

    Talk about withdrawal...

  14. Come on! You don't just want the shovels. You want to eat dirt too.

  15. So coming back for updates.
    You give good blog, kboy. You wife better watch her keyboard, because once you start with the blogging...

  16. Great post and way to hold down the fort. A little ice cream for dinner never hurt anyone!


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