Remember how I said that I was feeling particularly emotional during this pregnancy?

Well, today I hate everything. How’s that for emotional?

Here’s what I’m hating:

- The fact that the guy who sits next to me (who, out of good faith, a respect for privacy and a fear of being dooced, I have NEVER spoken of here, no matter how tempting) took 3 desserts with lunch, plus a banana, and now there are only oranges in the g-d fruit bowl and a chocolate cupcake sitting on his desk. I may take it and go eat it in the bathroom.

- People who put vomitously cute birth announcements in the paper. I regularly troll for good names, and today I just could not handle the decries of ‘Our Future Maple Leafs/Blue Jays/Raptors/Argos Hall of Famer Is Here!’ And the first-person, brand-new baby narratives? Seriously. Those make me want to hurl. So do the announcements ‘written’ by thrilled big sister or brother. Trust me; they are not thrilled. They want to give the little worm back and get the spotlight back for themselves.

- Not getting the chance to eat outside at lunch. So now I just feel antsy, impatient, short-fused, and well, slightly negative. I am a petite fleur, people. I need my sunshine.

- Hypochondriacs. YOU are not freakin sick. You have a sniffle. Come here and let me stomp on your foot so that you have something to complain about.

- Doug Gilmour. For personalizing the autographed jersey that my friend won and promised to me, so that now I can’t possibly still accept it. This may not exactly be Doug Gilmour’s fault, but if you knew the story, you’d be mad that I couldn’t have the jersey too.

- The Second Cup. Because my very, very pregnant friend wanted a strawberry-lemonade smoothie and they are out of lemonade. (But I got a chiller and a different friend to split it with, so I guess I don’t really hate them. I just feel indignant o/b/o my pregnant friend.)

- That even my usual distractions can’t keep me interested. I know of many, many ways to waste time when I feel unable to focus. The Superficial is one. Craigslist is another. So is Martha Stewart. Today there seems to be absolutely no interesting gossip, scandal, garden party ideas or items for sale or barter. I want a new drug.

- Double strollers. I am months away from needing one, and already the process of picking one is frustrating me. Tandem? Side by side? They all seem so bulky, heavy and not user-friendly. At my not pregnant norm, I am about 107 lbs. Shlepping something that weighs half of what I do in and out of the car does not turn me on. Help me, double mothers.

- On-line parenting chat rooms. You people are a joke. Get a blog.

Mmm. Sweet, caffeinated chiller goodness is kicking in, and mood may be fading. But that’s not what this post is about. I’m quitting before things turn downright chipper.



  1. blah, blah, blogMay 22, 2007

    Eat the cupcake already!

  2. It must be cranky preggo day, 'cause I've felt the same as you all day long.

    This morning, Cordy was whining, the cats were yowling, and I finally yelled "Everyone SHUT UP!"

    And yeah, I'm out of usual distractions as well, because no one at work is giving me any work, since they think I'm going into labor any second. So I sit here and surf the web. Sigh.

    And yeah, eat the cupcake - blame it on your hormones.

  3. totally snag the cupcake and do a covert snack in the can (but don't leave a crumb trail). I too have researched the double stroller (and no I'm not pregnant) and the majority say get the side by side - it's way easier to steer.

    rant away baby, I love listening.

  4. Hope you got the cupcake... if that dude knows what's good for him, he'll bring you cupcakes for a week.

    New drug... television with pity? My new drug is Lost, but that's only good when I'm at home...

  5. stuff that cupcake in your piehole and go rent something good at the video store.


  6. Eat that dude's cupcake--you deserve it!

    We opted out of a double stroller all together and never looked back. But our first was three when her brother was born, so she was already pretty good at walking with us. What about a stroller with one of those steps that the older child just stands on? Probably much lighter. Again, if your first one is very little you may need the restraint of a double.

    Good luck!

  7. You can also buy a thing that clips on to the back of your single stroller that Bee could stand on.

    Just think, this time next year we'll be picnic lunching in the park! I'll bring the cupcakes.

  8. So I"m not the only craigslist junkie!! Love that place!

    As for doubles - we have the Phil & Ted's e3. Love it. Same size as a single. Only problem is the kids don't get to interact, but we don't keep them in it that long, so it's not a huge deal.

    I hope you ate the cupcake!

  9. Christine beat me to it. The Single Stroller with the little stand / regular seat looks like the best option. I saw one when we were getting ready to take Buttercup home from the hospital for the first time. The baby has the normal seat (and baby carrier option) but between the back of the seat and you there is a stand for the older child to ride along on. This one even had a little plastic bench so the older sibling could sit facing the parent. Good luck finding one though. I've never seen one in the stores

  10. There is also the Phil and Ted's stroller that has one seat behind the other. My preggo friend is seriously considering this one. I think it also has the stand option, and it can be a single stroller as well - much less bulky.

    And, boy, do I understand the hate. I have been knee-deep in it lately. Mr Earth has had to tell me to calm down more times than I can count these days.

  11. Are you telling me my brother and sister weren't really SO PLEASED that their new baby sister was born?

    I'm crushed, Scary Pregnant Lady.

  12. what crazymumma said.

    damn if it isn't pregnancy to make you long for a martini.

  13. I saw those stand things that people have mentioned (like the one in Niloc's comment) at the evil overlord ToysRUs in Markham. That's the only time I've seen one but it is a cool option if the older kidlet doesn't mind standing or sitting freestyle.

  14. Double-stroller? Never bought one. I put the older one in the stroller and the baby in the Bjorn pouch and away we went.

  15. So...


    Um, how are you feeling now? I bet you would have felt better if you stole the cupcake.

    (ducking and running for cover)

  16. You're Hot when you're angry

  17. Strollers totally stress me out and chat rooms drive me mad.
    I hope you stole that cupcake. I had not tolerance for that crap the second time round. You are pregnant. He owes you the cupcake.

  18. Hee heee hee. Ilove cranky people. Because I totally hate most of those things, too, and I'm not preggy. Just bitchy! Rant on, sista!

    As to double strollers - there is one that has a sort of hammocky thing under the seat that works while the little one is little and seems less unwieldy. The company has some name that sounds a lot like Bill and Ted's... I'll try to find it for you. My nieghbour has one, and it's hard to tell it's even a double. I think the theory is that by the time the younger is too heavy for the slingy business on the bottom, the older one can walk, and then you can fold in the underneathy bit. (God, am I losing you with all the technical terms?)


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