Starting Sunday, Chris and Bee will be on their own for a week. Seven days.

I have not been away from Chris for that long in the 8 years we’ve been together, and I have never been away from Bee. Not for one night. Never. I like us being together, and while yes, I could probably deal with a weekend of just me-and-Chrisness, with Bee safely situated with a grandparent or two, I don’t want to leave her for this long. I like going to sleep with my loves, and I like waking up with them. I feel like missing 7 days of Bee will mean that I miss a million smiles, a million funny things that she says, a million ridiculously adorable renditions of ABC or The Wheels on the Bus or her newest hit, Old MacDonald. A million Bee things that I like my day to include.

Bee will be ok. She might have a few tired, rough moments, but she loves, loves, loves her daddy, and I have every confidence in Chris to take care of things. And of course, I’ll speak to them every day, perhaps offer some coaching on meal planning, and hopefully not be in tears when I hang up the phone, but no guarantees there. These days, toilet paper commercials make me cry.

(Deep breath) I can do this.

The flipside, of course, is that I’m leaving only to head to a very different tough situation. My brother and me are going to see my dad in Florida, my sisters having been there a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait to see my dad; I miss him terribly, but this is not going to be our normal trip to Florida, full of sand and sun and shuffleboard and smiles. Don’t quite know what we’re in for.

(One more deep breath)

I’ll let you know how it goes.

these kids will be alright



  1. Yes, those kids will be totally ok because you are leaving them with boat loads of love to keep them going. Have a safe, safe trip. I hope it is alright.

  2. They'll be alright. And they'll miss you terribly. And the homecoming will be awesome.

    Take care of yourself. And your dad.

  3. In the words of Cajun Man from the Waterboy "YOU CAN DO IT!". Yes, that's right, I'm quoting an Adam Sandler movie. Seriously though, they will miss you like crazy, you will miss them like crazy but everyone will be alright. I promise.

  4. They will be alright...focus on yourself and your dad. Safe travels; I'll be thinking of you.

  5. It's hard, I know. We're planning to be away for four days, and I'm freaking out about that. I've only ever been away overnight. They will be just fine. Love is strong.

  6. Take care my friend. I'm sending good thoughts and strength to you.

    And your kiddies are gorgeous...

  7. Tell Chris to call if he needs anything or is up for a play date.

    Safe travels.

  8. Life. It asserts itself on life and makes one big emotional mess. You will all be ok but you know this. I'm hoping that it will be as ok for all of you as is possible.

  9. The Woo has left me with the kids plenty of times, oh wait--I have them all of the time.

    Good luck with/to your family. Sending you strength.

  10. Oh K that is so hard.
    I had never left my little one either until my epic hospital stay. A friend kept telling me she would never remember if that helps at all. I am pretty sure it is always harder on the moms that the kids.
    I am sure they will be fine.

  11. oh babe

    they are going to be fine.
    now you go deal with your dad.

    big squishy hugs.

    s'gonna be ok whichever way it goes ok?

    xoxoxo anne

  12. Oh, Kgirl. I don't know the feeling of leaving a little one, but I know the feeling of going to your parent who isn't well.

    Last October, I had to get on a plane to go care for my father (Parkinson's with Alzheimer’s) while my mother lay in the ICU on a vent from the chemo induced pneumonia. It was so scary.

    My thoughts are with you this week. It will be so good to see your dad, and the fact that you won't be there alone is even better.

    Huge virtual hugs to send you on your way.

  13. They will be fine I'm sure, they will miss you...you will miss them.
    Try to focus on your Dad and taking care of yourself too...have a safe trip.

  14. You're right, your 'kids' will be alright....

    I hope your trip to see your dad goes well.

  15. they will be alright, of course. and you will care for them long distance, as we will always do.

    and care for yourself in between, ok?

  16. Have a safe trip and try not to worry about your daughter and your husband. They'll both have a great time spoiling each other.

    Take care of you. (and your dad, of course)


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