Thank You

…because Father’s Day began for you at the crack of dawn, cleaning up a little girl’s barf.

…because you spent the next 5 hours alternating between cradling that little girl in your arms and cleaning up more and more and more barf.

…because you insisted that it was ok for me, pregnant, to go have a nap.

…because once that little girl was feeling better, you set up a shade zone in the backyard so that you could play outside together.

…because you’re sitting on the couch watching muppets from space instead of spaceballs so that a little girl can chill out and rest next to you.

…because you didn’t complain at all about having a peanut butter and jam sandwich instead of a big barbeque for dinner.

…because this is not special behaviour for you – this is you.

…because I can’t wait until I see you with both of my children.

the reason for the season



  1. very sappy! We're both whimper piles of goo now...thanks.

  2. Happy Fathers' Day Chris!

  3. Happy Father's Day...you are one in a million, seriously.

  4. Oh, gurglesniffchoke. Would he be offended if I said he was so, so sweet?

  5. Thats what being a Daddy is all about.

    You are going to reap the rewards Chris, your kids will love you totally and always remember the little things you did.

  6. ps...I hope the bumblebee feels better soon....

  7. That's some good dad-ing.

  8. What a guy. What a dad and husband. How wonderful he is!

  9. Oh geez... SB better not see this because he'd want me to say all this nice stuff about him (mind you, he does deserve it too).

    Happy Fathers Day Mr. Bumblebee.

  10. blah, blah, blogJune 18, 2007

    So nice to have a valid reason for blubbering at work.

    Belated Happy Father's Day to Chris. You chose well kgirl.

    Hope Bee is feeling better.

  11. Happy Father's Day! You looked like you picked a winner Kgirl!

    Hope Bee feels better soon!

  12. Ohh so sweet. What a great Dad. Happy Father's Day!

  13. Very sweet. He sounds like quite a catch.


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