Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

You know the talk. The should we/shouldn’t we-think of the consequences-are we ready to go to that next level-what about the fun mystery of it all-talk. It’s a part of life, and it most inevitably (hopefully, if you want it to) will come up. At some point. And like most important decisions, the thing that the two parties involved should do, is talk about it. Get it out there, feel comfortable discussing it and be candid about your feelings. Come to an agreement that you are both happy with. Because if you can’t even do that, than surely you’re not ready. And once you go for it (if you go for it – remember, you have a choice), you can’t take it back.

I always want to do it. I’m that kind of gal. Mystery or not, I want to know what I’m in for, and I want to know as soon as possible. How will it feel? How will things change? How will you react? How big will the smile on my face be?

You are of a different mindset. You think that we should take things slow, be teased a bit; wonder, dream. You are a little more romantic than I am; a little more old-fashioned. You are patient and content with the knowledge that eventually, it will happen.

But I start to convince myself that things will be a certain way, and while I would never be disappointed with the outcome (I wouldn’t – I could never be disappointed), I need to know if things will be different than the experience that is already burning itself into my imagination. And my imagination starts to go wild pretty early –

I’ve done it your way before. It was good. It was so good. It was tough, but I stuck it out. And yes, in the end, I was happy and satisfied and thrilled and blissed out and excited.

And now we’re doing it again, with someone new. And that in itself is incredibly exciting and I love how close it brings us, and I love every moment of it and I can barely put into words how wonderful it is. And that feeling? That experience? It’s coming, I know it is, but I can’t wait. Not this time. I want it now. Now. Now. Now.

And I got it.

And it feels so freakin good.

It’s a girl.



  1. OH! OH OH OH. (dude, you are a seriously smoking pregnant mommie by the way)

    a baby girl. i so so so love baby girls. sisters. perfect.

  2. You look amazing!!! And a another baby girl; wonderful!

  3. You are so freaking clever and brilliant, and you're gorgeous, and you made me cry.

    Congratulations, you, and especially Bee. Everyone should have a sister.

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations!

    You look great in that dress! Oh and what I wouldn't give for a dip in that pool right now!LOL

  5. Congratulations - sisters! Wow!! I'm so happy for you.

    We can/could/might find out a week from today. I still don't know what to do.

    What I do know is I WANT THAT DRESS! Where did you find it? And, is it too stalkerish if I buy the same one???

  6. Yay! That is awesome news and you are positively glowing. Rrrrow!

  7. blah, blah, blogJune 26, 2007

    You wanton tease, you!
    Well done.

    Two little girls, what bliss.

    You're looking great -- love the dress.

    I think my tums has caught up to yours now (and my ass easily surpassed...)

  8. Well, I'm just going to reiterate what everyone else has said.




    Sisters. Yes.

    Welcome (again) Soon-to-Bee.

  9. Wow, are you ever beautiful!

    And Yay! To finding out everything you can about Ms. SoonTo-Bee!

  10. You are (both) so beautiful. A GIRL!!!! (Can I contain my excitement? NOPE). Happy Happy Joy Joy Kgirl - here's to another girl!

  11. woot woot!

    woot woot!

    woot woot!

    I can tell you from experience kgirl...it's awesome! I am so happy for you and you look glowing and resplendent and I just wanna give you big hugs and kisses.

    shit. I'm getting such HUGE baby cravings....and it's your fault.

  12. Yay!!!!!

    It'll be wonderful to have two girls. I always wanted a sister, myself.

  13. It's all been said, so I'll just reiterate what everyone else said: congratulations, you clever and gorgeous mama!

  14. YAY a girl!!!
    You look fantastic.

  15. A few things.
    1. you look fuckin' hot
    2. who's pool is that? and why isn't in my back yard?
    3. A girl! that's so exciting! Does Chris have a man room yet? 'cause he's going to need one.

  16. Congratulations! Little sisters are SO cute.

  17. What a beautiful picture.

    Can't wait to meet Bee's little sis.

  18. Ah! Congratulations! How wonderful and exciting and all that. I loved knowing. (And, well, Pumpkinpie has informed me that she wants two girls in our house, so next time I will have to know so I can break it to her gently if she's not getting her wish!)

  19. CONGRATULATIONS!! That's so exciting! Sisters!

    And you look fabulous; I don't think I've ever seen a close-up picture of you and you are HAWT!!

  20. My lord, woman, you look fabulous. And a girl?? Weeeeeeeeeee! Congrats!

  21. yay..another girl..lucky you.
    you look amazing.

    oh and quite a cheeky post..you had me thinking about something else for a while ;

  22. that's wonderful.

    i don't have a sister but i've got two daughters...they are so lucky...i'm so lucky...you're so lucky!

  23. Another wee girl!?! Congratulations!!

    And you look wonderful!

  24. You and I are like the same fucking person sometimes. Seriously. We even have the same relationship with our husbands. I got my way last time and found out, this time we went with his way (though every ultrasound when they ask me I look at him with pleading eyes)

    You and I both come from strong sibling relationships. Two sisters is a rockin' thing. I can't get through life without mine.

    Congrats girl! Everything about this post made me happy.

  25. I don't kno whow I missed this last week, but GAAAAH. And, WAAAAH-HOOOO!

    You gorgeous, lady.

  26. Two girls? Love love love it.

    It's awesome. Congrats! (And woman, you look fantastic!)


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