Speaking of Hippie Commies…

Well, we finally found our way out of the airport, and I have finally had a decent night’s sleep, so I may be able to string a coherent sentence or two together, but you can be the judge of that.

You know how the week went for Chris and Bee – not only did Chris keep the house, the cat and the child clean, fed and full of beans all week, but his words made me laugh, and I needed that way more than I need a clean kitchen. (Although I do like a clean kitchen.) Big-ups to the huz – you are clever and you are an awesome dad, and I’m proud that all my internet friends now know a little bit about why I love you. Oh, and yes, you are also hot.

Thanks to you guys for keeping Chris’ fire for writing stoked, and his ego stroked. Chris now demands rose petals be thrown in his path and that I address him as ‘Your Awesome Highness, Christacular, King of the Crushin’ MommyBloggers.’ He also insists that GW Bush is the greatest leader ever, and that the unicorns cry no more. Seriously, what the hell happened while I was gone?

Bee weathered the separation beautifully, and gave me a homecoming that made me start bawling, something that I had actually avoided all week. She climbed into my arms, put her head on my shoulder and started stroking my arm, as if making sure that I was the real thing, while whispering ‘love you, mummy.’ It’s been ‘Want the Mummy’ in the sweetest way since I’ve been back, but I’m not about to argue with that. There was absolutely no separation anxiety when I had to leave her (again) the following morning to go back to work – proof, as my friend suggests, that our intensive attachment parenting techniques breed trust and security. Usually I chalk Bee’s wonderful demeanor up to a freak of genetics (if she hadn’t been born at home I would have been convinced that she had been switched at birth and that some kind, gentle couple were dealing with my brat right now), but still, it’s nice to feel validated once in a while.

Oh, and something else happened while I was gone – we are weaned! Hooray! So, the ol’ girls have about 4 ½ months to rest up before they are put back into service, but I will enjoy every minute of it. I told Chris he could enjoy about 5 minutes of it once in a while, but otherwise, back off.

And the visit with my dad? Tough. But good to be there. I’ve learned that illness, and dealing with illness, is complicated. Take good care of yourselves, friends – you don’t ever want your children to see you like that.

although largely redundant, they're glad I'm back


  1. I missed you little one! I am glad your back. Love you, Love you, Love you.

  2. ps. How do you do that bookey-side bar picture thingy? Please teach me!

  3. Attachement parenting breeds lovers not fighters. i love your description of Bee stroking you....so sweet.

    And yes...caring for and understanding an ill parent is very very very hard.

  4. (a) thank you for confirming that attachment parenting rocks because I'm so nervous about my first trip away this summer and (b) I'm so glad you are back! Redundant my ass, I like reading Chris but babes, you are the reason I keep comin' back. Give the Bee a big hug from the B and me.

  5. Glad you're back, though your husband had some great posts.

    My second one weaned while i was away once, too. And there were no tears, no fighting. Just happened.

  6. Glad you're back! And glad the separation went so smoothly... I am coming to the same conclusions about attachment parenting.

    Enjoy the girls!

  7. welcome home! and yes, it's true, we all have bloggy crushes now.

    but that only means our expectations are higher. dude, get writing.

  8. Glad you're back! But I must say that husband of yours is one funny guy.

    (Is that enough stroking? Okay.)

  9. Welcome home.

    I'm glad you found your way out of the airport parking garage.

    Looking at that photo, there can be no doubt that that child was switched at birth (even if she was born at home).

  10. So glad you're back!! The huz - uh, His Awesome Highness - was very funny, but we're here for the Kgirl action.

    That's one beautiful BaBee! His Awesome Highness is not bad either (don't want to stroke his ego TOO much, do we?)

  11. blah, blah, blogJune 08, 2007


    Now there is the voice we missed.
    Good to have you back.

    As a crushin' mommy, I can say that much of the Cristacular appeal is his painfully apparent devotion to you and Bee.

  12. Just got caught up on the blog today - Chris did a great job.
    I hope my first homecoming (whenever it happens) is as sweet as yours. It sounded wonderful.
    Welcome home!

  13. Oh, the weaning...bittersweet, for sure. But, yes, I understand the possession. It's like, everyone, away from the boobs!

    The other day, my toddler (now almost 20 months, weaned at 18) tried to pull my breasts from my tank top, yelling, "Out! Out!" Cracked me up.

  14. Welcome back. Now I can crush on you. Wa-hoo.

    Sorry things were tough with your dad.

  15. Thanks for your comments about the menstrual cup on my blog. I would actually consider trying it after reading your and Jonniker's comments. Hey, why not? You can't really knock it till you've tried it, right? :)

    Congrats on the weaning, btw. Sounds like you may have another little one on the way in a few months?? Congrats! I'm also due soon - in August.

  16. Welcome back Beautiful!

    And congrats on the weaning. Enjoy those girls before the next one latches on to them.

    I'm wishing good thoughts to you and your dad.

  17. It's hard when our parents start to show their age...

    Glad you're home safely - your husband is hysterical - but you've been missed.

  18. Welcome back, hippie commie mommy! (and your ta-tas)

    It is hard to see someone you knew in their prime now in decline, isn't it? I'm sorry that was the reason for your trip, but glad you could make it.

  19. Welcome back. Glad to hear a fellow dad has made the grade. I know so many who couldn't pass that test.

  20. Were she switched at the hospital I am guessing daddy's clone would have been spotted right away as someone elses.


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