Think Globally, Eat Locally – A Book Review in Three Parts

Part 2: The Politics

How much petroleum does it take to get a banana from Costa Rica to your fruit bowl?

How much erosion does the soil suffer to support cash crops that the soil was never meant to support?

How many farmers never eat the food that they grow? How many are no longer farmers because of a global economy that has industrialized the production and distribution of our most basic resources?

How, in such a short amount of time, have we lost all abiltiy to rely on ourselves for the gathering and preparation of our own food?

How have we lost the ability to rely on ourselves for our basic survival?

And why does the food that comes from the grocery store taste nothing like the food that comes from our neighbouring farmer’s fields?



  1. yep. it's staggering, isn't it? makes me want to jump up and down and then still, i have to go to the store. one of the many reasons we want to live in belize. local is the only choice for most of it.

  2. ~On the one hand, I agree that it can be hard for first world farmers to compete witn second and third world farmers. But that's why there's government intervention and price supports from these governments -- a major WTO issue at the moment (and why the current round of wto talks keeps breaking down).

    And that's the other hand: without the ability to grow and ship food from their second and third world countries, they don't stand a chance to grow their economies right now. If the first world countries don't fully open their markets and drop the government supports and propping up, they just continue to suffer and make no progress in their own fight against poverty.

    It's a tough, tough area, and the realities aren't so black and white as many believe. I really don't know where the answer lies, either... I just know it's going to be a tough road to find it.

  3. I'd LOVE to get more local food. EVERYTHING is from the US here. If I have the choice between US organic or regular Canadian/Ontario, I go for the Canadian -- local is best for everyone, and for everything.

  4. Probably 70% of the food we eat comes from our local farmers market! Woot! Plus the "meat guy" is a hottie! I've got my priorities. The environment, local produce and eye candy.

  5. The facts are so surreal. In truth on one hand I resent knowing them, but on the other I must thank you.

    argh. why does everything have to be so damn complex?


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