I Like Me!

Sage has tagged me for the Stuart Smiley meme, and I always do what hot, smart women tell me to.

10 Things I Like About Me:

1. I am quick to smile. And my mouth is large and so are my teeth, so when I smile, you know it.

2. I can make Chris and Bee laugh, and Chris and Bee like my laugh, and I like laughing.

3. I think I have a good instinct and attitude for parenting. Really, I do. I like the way I parent almost all of the time (a little bit of pregnancy impatience notwithstanding). And I think Bee is a really good reflection of my really good parenting.

4. I add sound effects to all of my gaffes. If I trip, drop something, remember something I was supposed to do yesterday or bump into the wall, you will know it. And it won’t just be a delicate ‘oopsie!’ – it will be a warbled, jumbled ‘woooahahhhrl!’ It’s very difficult to take yourself too seriously when you make sounds like that.

5. I chalk up my environmentalist/earth mama tendencies to an early pioneer fetish.

6. I like the tone of my writing. Even if I’m not the wittiest or most prolific author out there, I dig what I do.

7. When somebody tells me that my behaviour or something I’ve done upsets or hurts them, I really work at trying to change. Unfortunately, this is new for me. But I’m working on it.

8. I may have to turn away when Bee is playing at the park with Chris (yes, I’m a helicopter), and I have some personal safety issues, but none of those tendencies have stopped me from having lots of amazing experiences: I went on Dead tour at 16; I’ve lived in a warzone while doing international volunteer work; I’ve had one-night stands; I’ve gone white-water rafting; I’ve read poetry onstage in NYC and I’ve shaved my head. I like living.

9. I rarely engage in pity parties for myself, and I’m not a hypochondriac. I hate drama.

10. I am accepting of my physical being. I have a big nose, I’m short and really, I’m kind of funny looking. But that somehow has translated to ‘cute,’ and I can dig it. For the sake of my daughter(s), I will love my physical self.

What hidden talents and happy thoughts do you possess? Let the world know!

Edited to add:
I had a non-alcoholic bevvie for you last night, Jerry. May the four winds blow you safely home.



  1. This is great K-girl and I can attest to these things being true.

    I've been tagged for this meme and have been putting it off. It's hard to say nice things about yourself!

    I like that I'm appreciative.

  2. Chris the husbandAugust 09, 2007

    I cannot overstate the sound fx, which usually manifests as a shrieking WHOAH! which gives you the impression that the sum total of events from 9/11 combined with New Orleans just manifested a foot away from you, when really she's just spilled her coffee.

  3. Nothing wrong with a distinctive nose. I feel a type of pity for women with less grand nasal protrusions, really. Their faces lack the interest of ours. My nose isn't big, but it is POINTY. Less enlightened souls have compared it to a witch nose, but in reality, it is regal.

  4. Because you're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You! And can I say - how is it possible to love you more but I do! For all of them (but especially #8) and damn girl, I think you are hot, hot, hot (but I'm a girl and I'm straight and OMG why am I justifying this...)

  5. Finally, someone who completed this meme as easily as I did! (At least, that's the impression I'm getting - based, I think, on the total absence of hand-wringing and surreptitious self-deprecation.)

  6. B&P - some would say a little too easily ;)

    I indulge in lots of unproductive behaviour, but hand-wringing is not one of them.

  7. Good for you--we should all celebrate the good stuff!

    Thanks for visiting my outhouse santa and saying hello while you were at it. Always nice to meet a fellow LHOTP addict (I'd read the whole box set, then start up again from the beginning. Repeatedly.)

  8. Yeehaw. I'm using my $10/minute connection time to come read this meme and it's AWESOME. You're my kind of gal...

  9. I had a good laugh about your sound effects. I do the same thing, but not just for gaffes.

  10. An excellent list. I think it takes time to learn how to embrace the goodness in yourself (and to share it with others).

    Definitely good for you with #3. I'm still in self-doubt mode (but that's a whole other post...)

  11. ok chris just cracked me up.

    i like that i like you.

  12. It totally translates into cute. Totally.

    And I hate drama too. Why whinge? It's not going to get you anywhere.

  13. 10 great reasons why you're a great person!

  14. Good on you for number 10! I have a big nose too but I think it works. I feel sorry for people unsubstantial noses... a big nose can add such character.

    I am not so good at the pity party stuff... in fact, if I get a chance to blog today, I will probably have a pity party... but sometimes life is overwhelmingly hard.

  15. Oh, I love posts that celebrate the good things and the things we like about ourselves. Good one!

  16. I love all of these things.

    I really, really like you.


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