It's In the Bag

I don't really carry a purse. I have a pretty cool diaper bag, and I have a huge hippie sack, and lots of little purses for special occasions that rarely see the light of day.

But MotherBumper and Bad have showed me theirs, so I feel it's only fair to show them mine. You can be voyeurs, or hey! Join in the fun! HBM will link to you and we can all see how long it's been since you've cleaned out your damn purse.

Here's what's in mine:

Ok, not the cat, but she just can't stay away from my shit, so she's in the picutre. Her name's Miko.

Top Row:
Swag bag from baby shower I recently attended, 2 kleenexes (unused - miraculous), sample sunscreen wipe, empty pill bottle (once housed a few tums), 3-pack of emery boards with only 2 left, a tum, a bottle of tums because that stupid little pill bottle I was trying to reuse wouldn't even get me through 9 am, dental floss, sunglasses, random receipt, dirty tupperware (held my homemade oatmeal/blueberry/raspberry muffin).

Middle(ish) Row:
Puffer, two burt's bees lip glosses, one fatty lips lip balm, 6 cents, three pens (no notebook), keys, 20% off Children's Place coupon. (ripped out of Chatelain magazine that I would never buy, at mother's request.)

Bottom(ish) Row:
Old Navy maternity cardigan, wallet, juice box, granola bar, 2 ancient pay stubs, 3 hair clips + 1 hair elastic, broken necklace.

Not too too bad, mainly because most of my crap is floating around in the diaper bag. But still, thought it might net my lost sunglasses, notebook, maybe a bit more cash and/or a good magazine.



  1. One stray, lonely tum, separated from his peers in your cavernous bag, lost among the random receipts and tubes of lip gloss.

    There's something epic about that.

  2. ...and all I thought of it was, oh god, hope I don't ever get desperate enough to have to eat it ;)

  3. Hey, since last night I took a small purse instead of my giant haversack with the world inside, maybe I should do this one today before I consolidate... It will look like I am organized or something!

  4. Hey, I fell into that bag last night and was only able to claw my way out by dawn.

    I ate tums like candy from my second trimester onward - pregnancy heartburn is like no other.

  5. I like your wallet.
    When I was prego if I had a tum loose in my purse I would not have thought twice about eating it.
    You really do have to carry the whole container. I could never pack enough into any pill case.

  6. I love that you carry dental floss. I won't be caught dead without floss in my purse.

  7. mama T - oh yeah, I've got it. Now, if I could only remember to use it...

  8. Tums are a godsend. I emptied my purse too - go take a look if you're curious.

    I like the colour of the sweater!

  9. I just did this too, and can I say, good taste in diaper bags!

    I love the selection in lip balms... and pens. One can never have too many pens, right? And upon closer inspection of my bag I found both my lip balm *and* pens missing. Very upsetting.

  10. Hi. :)Just stopping by to thank you for your kind words. And for the record, in response to your 08/09 post- from what I see, I like you too! ;) You sound like you have a great attitude.

  11. Hah, like most of us Tums were my saviour too when I was pregnant.

  12. Honey, you know I love you, so don't take this the wrong way...

    This picture is a perfect demonstration why I don't carry a bag or a purse and just make do with my pockets...


  13. OOOh. I should do this... and I usually have random receipts crumpled up at the bottom of my bag, too... keep throwing them out by the handful.

    And I love seeing your cat, Miko. I so miss having a cat... someday.

  14. This bag thing is TOTALLY cracking me up!

    You have so much stuff in yours! Love that :)

  15. Tums, sweet mother of God. I lived on those throughout my pregnancy - there were MULTIPLE bottles throughout our house and car.
    Freaking heartburn.

  16. I have a bag of stuff I carry around with me, but I don't call it a purse--I call it my bag of stuff.

  17. i had to eat tums morning noon and night when i was preggo with my girl. can't even smell them these days without gagging!


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