The Name Game

Well, here we go. According to my lilypie ticker, I have about 77 days before our next bundle of poop spitup joy arrives. This we know. We also know that our bundle is a girl. And the other thing we know is that we’re going to have to call her something besides, ‘Here, take the baby.’


Giving a person a name is serious business. Most of you have done it, so you know what I mean. And maybe for you, it was easy. Maybe you have a family tradition that you knew you were going to carry on, and that’s just awesome for your little Johnston Clayton Eugene The Fifth. Maybe you have had your children’s names picked out since before you first ovulated, and you have a very malleable husband who let you live the dream. But if I were to do that, this child would either be named Paulette Jenny, after my Cabbage Patch Kid, or Zeppelin, after grabbing my big sister’s pant leg and not letting go until she dragged me into my first foray of ‘cool.’

We won’t be doing that to little Soon-to-Bee.

You’d think this time it would be easier, as we know we’re having another girl and we should just be able to pick one of the loads of girls’ names we had originally come up with for Bee.

Well, not so much. Partly because we didn't come up with loads of names – we came up with one. Ok, ok, let me clarify – I came up with lots of great names, and Chris came up with lots of ridiculous names (please help me explain to my husband that with a Jewish mother and a whitey-white father, it’s just not fair to name a child after a Japanese Anime character.) and in the end, we agreed on one.

And we loved it. And we decided that it would be her name. And then Bee was born, and I took one look at the sweetest face that ever existed, and knew that the name we had picked was definitely not who this baby was. But then it came to me – a name that we had tossed around months earlier, both liked but hadn’t felt was THE name. But it was. It was her name. And I said, ‘I think that’s who she is,’ and my husband knew better than to argue with the woman that had just endured a drug-free labour and was going to have to pee standing up for a while.

So that’s who she was. That’s who she IS.

This time, we’re back to where we were with Bee before she was born. We have a name. One name. And we’re figuring it will be hers, but if it’s not, I’m not sure which one will suddenly fly out of the archives and present itself as THE ONE. (Don’t worry, it won’t be Neo.)

And, I’m sorry, internets, but I probably won’t be telling you guys what it is, either. For some reason, I feel like if I keep my child(ren)’s name private, than we remain private and somewhat anonymous. I know that’s not exactly the case, but that’s a whole other post. My kids won’t even have the same last name as me. Nevertheless, that’s my paranoia decision, but in light of it, after she is born and named, I will let you know some of the names we had bounced around and dismissed – who knows? One of them might just bounce back in about 77 days.


On a completely different note, because I must share, I had my first pregnancy sex dream last night! And starring in it? My husband. Awwww.

And my husband looked exactly like Adam Brody.



  1. hey my cabbage patch doll's name was Paulette Jenny!
    my mom still has her in her original package, maybe we can sell her on e-bay in 16 years to help put Lulu through University ;)

    But seriously, I know what you mean- choosing a name is huge. and super difficult.
    like you we had a name in mind- then when we saw Lulu we knew that wasn't her. so we had to come up with something new.

    I'm sure you will find the right fit.
    just think, you still have 77 days to think about it.
    oh and lucky you- TWO girls....twice blessed.

  2. pg - get out! did your paulette jenny have that weird 'do where sandy brown ponytails sprout from an otherwise curly head of hair?

  3. And she is that name isn't she?

    I can hardly wait to meet your soon to bee. I am sure s/he will suit to perfection whatever you decide on.

    (and thanks so very much for your comment over my way. they give back as good as they get.)

  4. I totally DO get it - I've often wondered if I did have another baby, would I announce her name? I don't know what I'd do, but I don't want my children's names on my site.
    I had sex dreams about all of the men in church while I was pregnant. I don't go, I must add, to a church with a young congregation. Ick.

  5. We also had only ever agreed on one girl's name so of course ended up with two as well.
    Choosing a name is such a big responsiblity. I agree that the one who births the child has final say.

  6. We settled on Scooter's name a very long time before we even tried getting pregnant. But only a boy's name; the girl's kept changing. Now, we have a girl's name we like (though not quite to the same degree as Scooter's, but it feels like it's settling in), but the boy's name floats around.

  7. I loved that last sentence! Sounds like my John Mayer Dream. He's hot in a dirty way.

    Names are tough. I have not one for a boy. Not one! Me and my husband dont agree at all. I have my daughter's name all picked out (as if I am sure I am having one of each- which has not been confirmed, and will hopefully be confirmed next week).

    If I have two girls I'm safe. If it's two boys, I'm out for the count. I dont want to settle.

    There's a beautiful saying that
    G-D only comes down to this earth to do certain jobs and the rest he sends the angels to do (years of hebrew school- bare with me).

    1) To make rain
    2) To breathe the name of the child onto the parents lips when they name the child.

    Now, I am hoping there is some truth to it. If not, my two sons's default names will be Brandon and Dylan or Ben and Jerry. Seriously, a lot to think about!

  8. Gemini - that's beautiful! I endured years of Hebrew school and came out only with a taste for grape juice and the song 'tree of life' stuck in my head for 25 years.

  9. How about Penelope? I love that name.

  10. b&p - so does chris, but penelope is me! i don't want to share :)

  11. I don't have a suggestion, but I will tell you that The Girl's name came about just this way. I posted it as a question on my old blog, and someone came up with the perfect name.

    Good luck!

  12. I had a really easy time naming our first and a really hard time naming our second. Both boys.

    I'm still not sure I LOVE the name we chose for the new baby but I let my husband pick this time since I picked the first name.

    Picking a name is such a huge responsibility. I wish you the best of luck with it. I know you will come up with something perfect for your new little girl.

  13. blah, blah, blogAugust 28, 2007

    Ah, yes. The second baby name game. We are in the same position except, according to my lilypie ticker, I only have about 67 days to decide. And, of course, we don't (officially) know the gender.

    The begat was so easy. I knew she was a she and I've always loved that name. There was never a doubt. From the moment she came to be, she was ___. Oh yeah, and the pater was totally on board.

    This time, although we have ideas, for the most part, they're just names. They don't seem to hold any particular meaning for us.

    And so we've decided to wait (procrastinate?) until we first look upon the face of our second born; that red, creamy, swollen, dazed, gorgeous little face.

    Gemini girl's comment gave me chills, too (this from an agnost on the slippery slope to atheist).

    Besides, in the intervening years since the begat's birth, the pater seems to have become less malleable. Me thinks he needs a wee reminder of the wonder of birth and the strength of his partner.

    Yes, that last line of yours was brillant. The husband and I have managed to work around that delicate matter by claiming the other was there watching, with the occasional strategically placed threesome. We appreciate the effort at inclusion. And really, it's been a matter of who haven't I slept with these past months?

    No wonder I find myself so fatigued this time.

    Oh, but enough about me. This is your dilemma, too.

    Here's a thought: want me to bring a ouija board the next time we get together?

    Or there is always the fetching
    'fehikfxk', the 'word verification' I'll needed to publish this comment. I doubt she meet anyone else with her name (on this planet at any rate)

  14. Is the name very crunchy? ;)

  15. But Zep or Zeppie would be very cool. Just saying.

    We had the hardest time naming our second daughter. We went back and forth between a few names until finally my mom told one of our choices to Strawberry as Buttercup's real name and then there was no backing out of it.

  16. i am dying to know.

    strangely and curiously quite a bit.

  17. i dreamt about sex with LOTS of old boyfriends while i was pregnant. weird. and i am paranoid about the kid's name on-line, too.

  18. blue - your kids have such totally awesome names.
    jen - for you, bubileh, i might give in.

  19. Cordelia's name came to us when I was about six months pregnant, but we didn't fully decide on it until she was born.

    Miranda was a lot tougher. We had picked it early on, but wavered for awhile. She was still nameless for about the first two hours after she was born.

    And like you, my girls have a different last name. It helps to protect their privacy, since mommy writers on the internet. :)

  20. Hahahaha. Whaddaya know! My husband looks like Jude Law at night.

    I have no idea what we would name another girl. Mme L's name, however, was settled on long before the surprise that was she.

  21. names are SO hard. and sooo personal.

    when i found out Isabella was a girl, i just knew she was Isabella. but with the other two...it was a much harder struggle!

  22. Sorry...I didn't hear anything after "drug-free labour". Eeeek.

  23. Ah, here's the thing that keeps me awake at night. My next post was actually going to be about names we've discarded (there are so many).

    The Boy's name is perfect (for us), and the only one we could agree on. If we have another boy, then we're screwed. I have a couple of frontrunners for both boy and girl, but nothing feels "right". I'm hoping inspiration will hit me in the hospital. :-)

    I'm dying to know what your name is, though...hints??

    I really want to announce the name on the blog, but I'm worried about the anonymity thing too.

  24. My partner and I had a great system for picking a name, which we came up with in a panic about 10 days before my due date when we still couldn't agree.

    We made a big list of all the possibilities that we were willing to seriously consider, roughly 12 in the end.

    Every night at bedtime, we picked one from the list, and for the next 24 hours, we called him that, talked to each other about little Eustace, etc. No sharing of opinions was allowed!

    After about 6 days, we did a check-in. To our total shock, we both had the same name at the top of our list -- and it had started off as a "well, maaaaybe" for both of us!

    We declared "the baby" to be Noah, and moved on to trying to pick a middle name using the same method.

  25. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of my cabbage patch doll. Hmmmmm.

    Well, everyone knows my thoughts on names. It's not easy. And yet, I had lists of lovely girls names that I'll probably never get to use. Sigh. So I have to live vicariously through my friends who've recently had girls....

  26. Oh man, my husband looks like Viggo Mortenson sometimes in my dreams. Anyhooo, baby names are an important job, they are for you two only to decide, and heck, it's a fun thing to do. I know it will be perfect (you are going to name her after me, right?).

  27. Miss M has the name that I had wanted to call a girl baby for years. It was only when I looked at her, though, that I knew that was her name and the 7 other finalists went out the window.

  28. OOOO...I love sex dreams!

  29. My lovely little diva K told me the other day she was changing her name to Kathy when she grew up. And here I thought I had done a lovely job. lol.

    I stole my son G's name from the name my sister-in-law was determined to name her son. To bad sucker, I had a boy first! *maniacal laughter*

    Good luck. As you know, sometimes our children know what's best even when we dont. I'm sure the soon to bee will let you know exactly who she is :)

  30. We had a TOUGH time with the name - it turned out we really had different ideas about what a name should be, which puts a crimp in things. There was NO WAY we could have started over! I'm impressed that he went ahead and let you switch. Good man, being flexible when it counts.

    (And you know? I'm realizing I'm not sure I even know what Bee's name is!)

    Bet you'll come up with something wonderful, though. Just don't take one of the ones I'm thinking on, 'kay? (And I'm with petite g. - lucky you, with two girls!)

  31. The pregnancy sex dreams.

    Absolutely the best part of pregnancy.

  32. I LOVE the pregnancy sex dreams!!! Awesome that it was with your hubby! That's, like, unHEARD of!

    I know the sex of my baby, but, you never know if they're wrong, right? Everyone knows someone who, i.e., was told it was a girl but had a boy or vice versa?

    So, I'm wondering, do I come to the hospital prepared with names for both sexes? We have a name for the sex we were told it was, but not for the other sex. Does that make sense? Sorry, 36 weeks preggers, and counting!?

  33. Oy, the sex dreams - far more, um, intense! with this pregnancy than any other!!

    *shakes off a memory and a bit of a sweat*

    Ahem, names. Well, since I obviously won't need any of the girl names I've been carting around hopefully my whole life, here's my five faves:


    Now, name my boy for me, will ya?


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