Of Wedges - The Emotional, The Marital and The Palliative

Well, the emotions have calmed down, the spouses have, ahem, made up, and I have gotten some much-needed sleep.

We can now resume our version of a normal life, with normal pregnant-woman insanity and toddler shenanigans. Of course, Chris will keep in mind that pregnant wife meltdowns may be as prevalent as toddler meltdowns, and he will take it in stride, even if they are not nearly as cute.

And I will try not to hit him over the head with any more pillows. Apparently he does not like getting the beatdown, even if it’s just with a pillow. When I explained to my sister’s girlfriend that it was one of those wedges, a pregnancy pillow, she said that that just made it sound even more abusive.

And thank you as well, for not only putting up with me, but for helping pull me out of a grief-induced, sleep-deprived fog. I felt the hugs, and though I may have been sitting by myself, I no longer felt alone.



  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better... things always seem better when your spouse is back on your side again.

  2. I'm sorry that I'm too late to give you supportive hugs, but I'll send a hug along, nonetheless. I'm sure you could still use them.

    I can't imagine what you're going through, a few meltdowns are definitely forgivable. And then some.

  3. Oh. That feels better now, doesn't it? Good to hear.

  4. i knew before i even started reading that things were sunnier over your way. because the two of you, your family...it seeps love and light all the time.


  5. glad you are already feeling a little cheerier. take care.

  6. Glad to hear it! We're always here.

  7. Hey, I got a wee treat for you at my place...

  8. you beat your husband with a wedge?

    I really should not find that funny.

    I am glad things are back on track. With where things are for you these days I am not at all surprised you feel emotional.

  9. crazymumma - i swatted him over the head. once. he deserved it.

  10. My pregnancy/overtired meltdows are exactly like toddlers. I cannot find words so I just want to hit.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  11. blah, blah, blogAugust 22, 2007

    Hey k,

    Glad to hear some of the fog has lifted. Know that you have room here to rant and rail as required.

    On the topic of wedges, I have to agree with your sister's girlfriend; it does sound abusive.

    A pillow fight, on the other hand, has connotations of giggling sorority sisters in baby doll pjs and, really, what husband wouldn't like that?

    Big hugs.

  12. I love you my little beastie! I always take out my frustrations on my husbands pores. So Chris should feel lucky he's only got a pillow to contend with.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better. I am very sorry about your daddy...I don't know why parents have to age, it doesn't seem fair.
    and more love

  13. Dear Chris,

    From now until 3-6 months post partum, your job is simply to nod and say, "yes, dear."

    No exceptions.


  14. the best part of spats with the hub is making up.

    glad to hear things are a bit better..

  15. I have had bouts of INSANITY this pregnancy. You gotta let it out, though, you know? Glad things are better now!

  16. I asked my husband, mid-pregnancy, if I was acting a bit nuts.
    "No way, honey," he said.
    Post-baby, he revised his statement. But take heart - your husband DOES get a brand new shiny baby out of all of this.

  17. I'm sure he deserved his bop on the head, and it was only a pillow!

    Glad things are well.

  18. or, at least we can be alone together...

  19. I had to look on YouTube...

    There was nothing.

    Here is the message I got...

    No Videos found for 'pregnancy wedge attack'

    Since there is no video, it might never have happened.

    Keep strong.

  20. OTJ nailed it

    I'm glad you are feeling hugged

  21. Good to see you're back, and that the hubby has been restored to the bed.

    I hope you can find some comfort during this time with your father.

    And those pregnancy wedges? They are meant to be multi-purpose, yes?

  22. You can beat me with a pregnancy wedge anytime, darling.

    Cuz I bet you look really cute when you're mad.

    I hope you are doing better. I'm sending good wishes your way.


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