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August 2, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

While snacking on a President’s Choice Blue Menu Crunchy Oat biscuit today, I was left with a bit of a surprise – a sliver of plastic or wood in my mouth.

Now, I like surprises as much as the next person, but not in my Crunchy Oat biscuits.

As a label-reader, I certainly would not have picked up a package of biscuits that listed ‘wood or plastic slivers’ as an ingredient.

As a 6-month pregnant woman, I don’t want to be unknowingly ingesting foreign objects that could cause any sort of issue to the health of my unborn baby or myself.

As the mother of a two-year old who regularly snacks on these biscuits as well, I am simply disgusted and appalled. I shudder to think what may have happened if the foreign object I found in my biscuit had been in a biscuit I had given to her. I shudder to think that for all I know, this may have been the case already.

As a consumer, I will be staying far away from this product in the future. In fact, my faith in President’s Choice products, which until now had been strong and loyal, has waned a great deal.

I’ve attached the surprise I found in my snack today and the upc from the package it came in so that you may draw your own conclusions as to it’s source. I really don’t care if you tell me that it’s a husk of wheat or made of cornstarch – it’s hard, it’s sharp, and it should not have been in the product I spent my money on.

(You can't see it, but this is where I attached the sliver that had previously been in my biscuit and my mouth, by a piece of scotch-tape. Doing so felt very forensic.)

I eagerly look forward to your explanation.




  1. Wow. That is not good at all. Good for you for writing them a letter. I buy a lot of that PC Blue Menu stuff, so I'd love to hear their response.

  2. Good for you. Keep us posted on what transpires.

  3. Yikes!! I had a something similar happen with a bag of salad. There was a metal pc and a rubber pc in the bag. All they did was send me coupons for free bags of salad. I didn't eat salad for quite a while!

  4. Omigoodness! I would be freaking out.

    That letter rocks. Please post the response. I love PC products and want to know what they're going to do about it.

    In fact, I know someone who may still work there. I'll see if I can get his email for you.

  5. So delicious!
    Wanna hear about the time I found A BEAK in a chicken hot dog? Nasty.

  6. Beck - GET OUT! That is so disgusting.

  7. GAG - plastic shards and beaks, that's enough to make me go off-grid (really, I just need a we push and oh yes, a plot of land). You go sistah! Let's put Loblaw's to SHAME if they don't act appropriately.

  8. eeeew!

    i once found
    1) a maggot in my canned fruit when I too was 6 moths preggers (got lots of free canned fruit after that letter)
    2) a piece of plastic in my supposedly natural peanut butter. (got free peanut butter and a $20 gift certificate for that)

    try notifying the store where you bought it, too so they can take it off the shelves.

  9. Oh, good for you with the letter writing. They are supposed to have, you know, quality control and all that. I'm really curious to see what happens, so let us know, will you?

  10. Ouch and wow and disgusting. Honestly, it's pretty sad to wonder what we may find when we open up a box of something to eat. Being a farmer is starting to look good, but not in this heat ;)

  11. Totally off topic:

    Thanks for de-lurking fellow friend of Lisa and congratulations on your 25 weeks of pregnancy!! Your little Bee is adorable!

  12. Ooh, let 'em have it, girlfriend. You go on wit your bad self. ;)

  13. That's disgusting...but still not as gross as the time I found a fingernail in my caesar salad.

    I still can't eat that type of salad to this day.

    Good luck giving them hell, sugar.

    They deserve it!

  14. I once found a scrap of metal in a KOSHER hot dot. How Kosher is that???

  15. which president chose this?

    ours probably. one more thing to be sorry for.

  16. Oh god. That is so very gross. Scary stuff, eh? Between this and 1M Fisher-Price toys being recalled, the world is a scary scary place.

    Good for you for writing the letter. That is totally awesome! Let us know the response.

  17. I think it will be funny when the drop a semi load of crunchy oat biscuits at your front door. It will be like winning set for life-except with snacks instead of cash.

  18. ew.

    I look forward to hearing about the heaps of shit they bestow upon you as compendation.

  19. Good for you for actually sending out the letter! When stuff like this happens to me, I usually just kvetch and whine about it a lot.

    Oh, and ick. Seriously!

  20. Ugh! That's just icky. My mom tells the story of finding a cirgarette butt in some kind of soup or can of beans.

  21. Ew. Thank goodness you didn't swallow it! Phew!

  22. OMIGOSH!!!!!!!! that's terrible. if you do contact them, and you should obviously, let us know what they say!

    I think I'm now 7 months pregnant -- 32 weeks. Looks like we're on a similar schedule. My monkey just turned 2, too! :) Feel well!

  23. LOL
    I feel like its CSI.
    keep us posted on the response.

  24. Ugh. So creepy to find foreign objects in your food.

    Glad you wrote them about it.
    But where's CSI when you need them?

  25. Too bad it wasn't a silver dollar.

    Or one million dollars.

    That would be hard to fit in a snack though.

  26. As my 3-year-old son would say: Yucko!

  27. blah, blah, blogAugust 08, 2007

    Yes, very curious to hear the response!

    I think Beck's beak story has permanently altered my view of reality.

    A friend found a cigarette butt in a frozen dinner and was offered a refund only!

    As a child, I found a shard of glass, licked clean, in the bottom of my German Shepard's food dish after dinner one night.

    This was our second German Shephard. Our first died when someone intentionally threw ground beef spiked with ground glass over our fence.

    Yeah, that permanently altered my view of humanity, too.

  28. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was so excited to stop by yours and discover you are formerly Penelope and Bumblebee...I used to read you back before I started my own blog.

    Good for you for writing that letter...let's see what happens.

  29. I was eating a frozen burrito once and found a big chunk of fur. In my mouth. And I know--I. Know.--that there was some funky rat that got chewed up in the burrito machine. And I ate part of him.

    Not a beak, but...


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