Hair Apparent

I have never been one of those ‘My hair is my crowning glory” kind of women. I have chopped it, grown it, shaved it, dyed it, loved it, hated it and everything in between. I allow the state of my head to be ruled purely by whim, and the results have varied.

There have been unfortunate incidences borne of trust, desperation and/or drunken folly; there have been incidences that have netted magnificent results, borne of many of the same things.

I have cried after insisting that Chris cut my hair NOW NOW NOW NOW, because I couldn’t take my growing-out bangs hanging in my eyes any longer. I have taken a day off work more than once after a botched home-highlighting debacle. (The box promised glowing, natural tendrils. I ended up looking as though an octopus suctioned itself to my noggin.) I have bullied many a sister and friend into chopping me up, insisting that it would be easy to coax a short, shaggy, cute coif out of their inexperienced, unqualified, shaking hands. Once I ended up with a short, shaggy, cute coif (thank you, Karla), and once I ended up looking like a raging, unstyled lunatic and had no recourse but to shave it all off. (Thanks a whole fucking lot, Brenda)

Once in a while I go to an acutal, licensed stylist, and once in a while I get what I actually wanted.

Does this haircut make my friend Emilie's boobs look big?



  1. your super cutie pie!

    and your hair makes her boobs look gigantic!

  2. you are impossibly adorable.

  3. I love it. How cute are you right now!

  4. You look GREAT!
    Once I let a friend of mine give me a home perm while we were both drunk.
    Once I let my husband give me ORANGE HIGHLIGHTS ("I see you as a chunky highlight kind of girl", he said.).
    Oh, I have had some stupid looking hair.

  5. Me, I've been going to the same stylist for nearly a decade now. Why? Because she will tell me flat out - NO, you cannot have that hair. She's so blunt, she's almost offensive, but I know she won't let me fool myself into something that won't work or let me walk out looking like an ass.

  6. you're super cute. I hope you know how super cute you are.


  7. That is some great hair!

    I used to dye my own, until one day, while dyeing it red, it turned out black with green patches. Now I go to a stylist all the time. Just very infrequently.

  8. I'm the exact same way with my hair.

    You look way too adorable for words!

  9. It is very cool the way your hair enlarges her boobs like that!

  10. This was so funny. I thought you were writing about me. I enjoyed this post - thanks.

  11. You look great - I love that shirt

  12. You are stunning. And her boobs look not nearly as magnificent as yours!


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