Peanut Butter Cup AND Glossettes. Yummy.

Now that I am no longer distracted by the chocolate in my purse (heh heh), on to a few question rattling around in the jellybowl that passes for my brain these days:

  • Do you think I'd have an easier time writing about the traditional music of China if I was actually listening to the traditional music of China and not You Tube videos of the Grateful Dead performing Cassidy in 1992? (But I was at that show!)
  • Would now be a good time to clean out my desk at work, considering tomorrow is my last day?
  • Does anybody know the magic words to say to a daughter in-utero who, exactly like her big sister did, decided that 37 weeks and 2 days gestation is the perfect time to go all transverse on me?
  • How much longer can I answer the question, 'Can we put the furnace on?' with 'You can put a sweater on.'
  • Is it ok to just let your kid fall asleep on the couch next to you with the hockey game on because sitting in a rocking chair next to her bed for an hour while she sings to you is adorable but sometimes just not worth the heartburn? (Literally)
  • How much more banal will my posts get once I actually HAVE the baby?

stay tuned...



  1. Yes it is ok to let your kid fall asleep while the hockey game is on, or at least it is in my world, and I don't even have heartburn as an excuse.

  2. re: the transverse lie - if I knew that, I could have saved myself a couple of days of discomfort, too, before Pumpkinpie turned around.

    Yes to the desk cleaning, but then, I'm a procastinator, too.

    You sound like my mother to the sweaters. Real, repetitive conversations from my youth involved this exchange:
    Kittenpie - It's freezing in here! can we turn up the heat?
    Mom - put on a sweater.
    KP - I HAVE a sweater on!
    Mom - Put on another one!
    KP - That's ridiculous! I won't be able to move my arms! We are INDOORS, you know!

    Not joking, either.

  3. Here's my in-utereo thing that I whispered to my not-yet-born children every night:
    "I will love you all my life."
    This stage of the pregnancy is the MOST fun. I think memories of it are what's keeping me jumping into pregnancy for a fourth time.

  4. Falling asleep on the couch next to you with the hockey game on (or whatever else) is just plain good old fashion parenting.

  5. ooohh, exciting times are coming! even if you feel only able to write banal posts, who can resist newborn photos?

    happy labouring. hope it's mind blowing and wonderful.

  6. Turn on the damn heat. And of course it is ok to let her fall asleep while you watch the TV.

    Transverse huh? Gonna try and turn her?

    (have a great last day)

  7. we keep telling everyone to put a stupid sweater on too.

    it is getting old.

    i'm cold.

  8. I'm jealous of the last day. Mine is not for several weeks, and I'm regretting that. I'm about done. Stick a fork in me.

    Transverse, huh? I would just talk to her and tell her what you need her to do.

    I have an ultrasound tomorrow to make sure mine is not breach. Wish me luck. I'll send some luck over your way, too.

    This babies are tricky buggers.

  9. Last day!!! Fantastic. Let's have a playdate soon before your confinement. ;)

  10. this makes me feel all gooey.

  11. You mean, it's not good to let your kids fall asleep to a hockey game while I stuff my face with chips and ignore them???

    As for the furnace, my darling son brought in a box of wood for the wood stove...unannounced and unrequested.

    I asked him what he was doing and he told me to take a hint.

    I should have noticed what with the two of them wandering about in parkas and mitts...

  12. HOLY CRAP - I missed the last day (did you ever write about Chinese Traditional Music? I need to know!)

    Anyhooo... please turn, baby turn (disco inferno..).

    And I will read your posts no matter what you put down - I like you that much.

  13. unike Beck what I was saying to my kids was "get out"
    I suggest something similarly stern to the transverse one unless you were able to sweet talk Bee into turning.

    At this point if your kid goes to sleep things are good by my standards.

  14. Last day... How exciting is that?

    And I'll keep reading, 'cause I'm sure there will be some good lack of sleep posts ahead.

  15. Transverse?

    (Sending mega 'head down' vibes your way!)


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