So This Is How The Other Half Lives

Ok, so, I know I haven't posted in a few days, and I think that pretty soon my absence will be met with a hmmm... baby?
Well, I just want you all to know that no, there is no baby yet.

There is also no computer at my house yet.

I am blogging from the library.

Happy as I am for the free computer and internet access right around the corner from my house, I'm not really into blogging at the library.

For one thing, there's the old men hovering around me waiting for my 15 minutes to end so that they can play wordwhomp and check the weather. For another, there's that 15 minute thing.

There's not much I can't get done in 15 minutes, but blogging isn't one of them.

So, in the interest of the 11:43 I have left, I will keep this short and sweet, and hopefully have time to visit at least a few of you before the old men start complaining. So if I'm a bad bloggy friend for the next week or so until we get our new shiny happy Imac, I'm very sorry.

And I'm still pregnant.



  1. dude, we understand. take care!

    ps sure those old men just aren't trying ti pick you up?

  2. That sucks! Can't wait till you get your computer because we miss you! (I also don't want to miss the Big Announcement, but maybe I'll be in the hospital myself??)

  3. Shame on you for keeping old men from playing their wordwhomp. ;)

    Hang in there, girl...

  4. Hey, you can get a whole HOUR to yourself if you play your (library) card right, you know. The old men, though, I can't help you with. They are at every library. Sorry.

  5. You get an hour of internet time at my library but you have to PAY!
    That really sucks.

  6. you can't use the sympathy factor to get a few more minutes?

    what has the world come to?

  7. Ooo, a shiny new iMac--I can't wait to "see" it.

  8. Library blogging and e-mail time stink... Crazy people sniffing around tapping their toes, watching the clock and hovering totally put me off.

    However, shiny! New! iMac! Very exciting...

    Waiting eagerly for the announcement (and your triumphant, new computer return!)

  9. The question is will the iMac arrive before the baby?

    Also what is with the need for obsessive weather watching as people grow older? I find myself tuning into the weather channel more every year. Halloween is going to be an above season, great day in Toronto.

  10. ugg public computers (I kid, I kid)... still pregnant eh? (wanna hit me yet?)

    Ohhhh shiny happy iMac - sweeeeeet.

  11. Blogging at the library has a scandalous feel to it. Love it! (Though I imagine it does feel a bit on the constricting side...)

  12. Been there!

    And the clock ticking away the seconds doesn't seem to help any.

  13. But do you see the irony in old men wanting to use the computer? I mean, seriously, my grandfather even has one now! Oy!

  14. hahahahahaah wordwhomp and the weather!

  15. Just tell those old guys "Step off. I'm very pregnant and if you don't leave me alone I'll hit you with my giant belly."

    That'll show 'em.

  16. a girl can only do so much. Now let the old men play their game...

  17. holy fike! I thought I was the only one with a word whomp addiction.

    Just view this computer fiasco as the final boo boo in a hard year. All good things from here.


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