The Tease

You are breathing heavily as his hands traverse your body: an unknown landscape eager to be explored. His lips graze your neck, your collarbone. Your back arches to meet his lowering chest and your hands reach to his hips to pull him even closer –

I know you want more.

Get it here.



  1. So hot! I wish I had sex dreams. I can count the number of times it's happened, though one particularly..erm...satisfying one involved Sayid from Lost. And I don't even find very attractive. Let's just say I started looking at him in a different light.

    Here's hoping you get more...of the uninterrupted kind!

  2. Ooh, I want your type of dream. Lately sleep around here has been more of the pass out/comatose variety. Not much for room for dreams I'm afraid.

    Perhaps there *are* benefits to a second pregnancy!

  3. Too funny. I read the article and even wondered if I've ever had a dream with Elliot gould??? Nope.

    But I have had a dream about that fat guy at the office. UGH.


  4. my oh my...is this still about Adrian Brody?

  5. blah, blah, blogOctober 10, 2007

    At 36 weeks pregnant, I am intimately familiar with the whoremone effect.

    Creepy factor aside, aren't you amazed at what incredible lovers the 'Elliot Goulds' turn out to be?!

  6. You Slut! I love you! I've been replaying the same sex dream about my very cute boss for a 3 years now. Did I mention he wears tapered jeans? Yes, I am a sicko!


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