21 days and counting

1. Sort out baby clothes
2. Wash baby clothes
3. Put baby clothes in dresser
4. Move dresser upstairs
5. Assemble co-sleeper
6. Put together remainder of homebirth kit
7. Put together just-in-case hospital bag
8. Wrap Bee’s ‘From Your Baby Sister’ present
9. Wash my hair
10. Drop off Bee’s nursery school enrollment forms
11. Get after-birth necessities (arnica, food, slingshot for pelting guests that stay too long)
12. Spend 10 minutes alone with my husband
13. Have sex with my husband
14. Decide on a name for child in the remaining 5 minutes
15. Sell old strollers on craigslist to make room for snazzy new stroller
16. Wax the beav
17. Clean baby carseat
18. Plant memorial rosebush that has been sitting in pot in garden since my dad died
19. Get Halloween pumpkin
20. Turn pumpkin into jackolantern
21. Toast pumpkin seeds for healthy, zinc-filled snack
22. Make labour-ade; freeze half
23. Freeze grapes (I ate a lot of frozen grapes while in labour with Bee)
24. Wash my hair
25. Give birth

bonus - got to have coffee with a friend



  1. Hey, well you've taken care of the most important items. All the rest is gravy, right?

  2. am I counting wrong or did you do 5 things in 4 days? impressive.

  3. We didn't have a name for The Baby picked out when she was born, which made the nurses give us dark looks.

  4. Frozen grapes, eh? I'll have to file that one away for future consideration. Speaking of future consideration, I'm just going to cut and paste your list instead of actually making one for myself, okay?

    You're so close now!!

  5. I do have to write a list of my own rather soon. I will give you full credit as my inspiration.

    What's arnica?

  6. You've managed to spend time with the husband *and* have sex with him. Do you really need to finish the rest of the list?

  7. Well, seems to me you've taken care of the important things. ;)

  8. Nicely done... I'd consider myself done and ready at this point (but I am freakin' lazy so don't measure using my stick).

  9. Would it be wrong to hope you don't have the baby until we get back from holiday?

    Ok. Of course it would be wrong... I know what those last few months...errr, weeks.... are like!

    And, ooooooh, the Phil and Ted's!

  10. Great work! Nice to see you have priorities.

  11. I dont think I was nearly as organized as you! I think I was overloaded with doing all the older children's clothes than realizing I needed baby clothes for my new baby!

  12. You only have to wash your hair twice in three weeks? Narly!

    I say put off the list and go for a pedicure!

  13. SB - ideally, my hair would be washed every other day. But lately, if it's not on a list, it doesn't get done.


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