New Computer! Whoot Whoot

Sorry 'bout the bullets; lots to say and I know my energy ups don't last long...

• I am blogging! From my own computer! My very own, pretty new Imac! Normally I wouldn’t brag, but seriously, this thing is pretty. And I was starting to feel incredibly cut off from the rest of the world. Well, except for the wordwhomping old men. I’m down with those fellas.

• Thank you, oh kind bloggers that are NOT participating in NoGoBloMe or whatever it is called. See, I’s having a baby real, real soon, and there is no chance in hell that I will be able to keep up with those that are participating. I will barely be able to keep up with those that aren’t. I will barely be able to keep up with my friend knitrovert, who posts twice a year.

• I am getting really, really excited to have this baby. This will make many of you hate me, but I am excited to go into labour. I’m planning another homebirth, and my first was what my midwife likes to call ‘efficient.’ As in, 4 hours. That’s it. So, I’m figuring baby #2 should be at least as efficient, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Oh yeah, and I’m also excited to meet my new child.

• In fact, I’m so ready to have this babe that we’ve started the completely unproven, wives’ tale methods of getting things going. Today, spicy Indian food. Tomorrow we may even try sex. After that, who know? Bumpy roads? Castor oil? My midwife has already offered a Sn’S, but they make me feel yucky, so I’m holding out.

• Not sure if I’m nesting yet. I fluctuate between complete physical exhaustion and doing something stupid like magic-erasering the wall, or organizing the 1001 hair clips that are lying around my house. Nothing practical like cleaning the bathtub or say, finding some clothes for my newborn to wear. True to form, Chris is doing the lion’s share of the childcare and prep work while I go nap.

• Halloween at our house was not nearly the spectacle it has been in the past – Chris, ever-mindful of impending babydom, didn’t want to go all apeshit this year in case the baby came in the middle of things and we end up being those people that leave the decorations out until Easter – but we managed to have fun. Bee was transformed into a freakin cute ladybug, and though she was way too shy to actually go to our neighbours’ houses and trick-or-treat, she had a ball handing out the candy. (photo coming as soon as I can find the dang cord.) I have seriously enjoyed the pictures of all of your little trick-or-treaters, and even if I haven’t had a chance to leave a comment, what I would have said was that your kid(s) is totally adorable.

Burst… of energy… waning… must go lay down…



  1. So glad you're back up!

    I wanted to try that NoBloPoGo (or whatever), but thought it would be somewhat insane, considering the whole baby thing.

    It's funny, cause I was actually thinking of AVOIDING sex for precisely the reason you're going to try it. See, I'm schedule to have a mani/pedi and go see a show next Saturday, and I really don't want to miss it. Is that selfish, or what??

    I'm so self-absorbed.

    Oh, and I don't do any useful cleaning either.

  2. Glad to see you're back online with a new pc to boot! I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear the news of your little one's arrival! Have a good weekend and enjoy!

  3. I'm getting really excited for you and also yay for the new 'puter! Can't wait to see the picture of your cute ladybug.

  4. welcome back! Here's hoping the birth goes as well as your first!

    Oh, and magic erasering? Yea...you're nesting.

  5. Welcome back! The new computer sounds lovely...

  6. ohhh shiny new mac - sweeeeet

    know what? I can't wait to meet the baby too


  7. Yay, new computer!
    Seriously, do NOT try the castor oil. A friend of mine had diarhhea all through labour because of it. Yuck.

  8. There is something so perfect about a shiny new iMac.

    Doesn't sex do the same as the SnS? Seems a far preferable option.

    I'm excited to read your birth story. My first birth was also expedient and I was hoping for perfection with the second. I know it is silly, but there is a little voice that keeps whispering 'you could do it again'. I really need to live vicariously through you because I do not need another baby. Just a good birth story. Yes I know mine was fantastic given the circumstances but I just want one that ends with everyone curled up in their own beds.

  9. Lucky you with the short, easier labours! My MIL was the same. (But unlike you, she told me she thought all these women who complained about labour were just whiners. Nice.) I only hope you wait until after the shower!

    (And I have no idea what an SnS is, but I have a feeling I don't want to know.)

  10. Stretch n' Sweep - basically you get fisted by your caregiver which tricks your body into thinking your cervix is dilating. Effective, but you feel pretty nauseous after - maybe even a bit violated ;)

  11. oh the ol' stretch and sweep.....yeah, I'd go for the spicy food instead.
    I can't believe you are almost due- is it me or did your pregnancy go by fast?
    okay I'll shut up now.
    oh and yay I'm not the only one not participating in this nogoblome thingy.
    no time.
    no energy.
    so good luck- maybe this weekend you will have a new little person in your arms.

  12. "fisted by your caregiver"

    now that's an oxymoron if i've ever heard one.

    good luck, you.

  13. I'm so excited about your baby too!!!!!

  14. Stewed rhubarb always worked for me. Gets the peristalsis thang going, but no diarrhea.

  15. Four hour labour? I would consider myself blessed by one FOUR TIMES that long!! My last two were 27 and 25 hours... I'd be thrilled to half that!

    Funny, despite all that, I'm really looking forward to labour this time, too. I think it's the new midwife thing. I'm even thinking of going epidural-free. My husband thinks I'm delusional!

    Hope to hear exciting news from you soon!!

  16. SnS? That just sounds painful. Yikes!

    Congrats on the shiny new computer... that's awesome!

    I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with those posting for NaBloPoMo, let alone also posting something intelligent and worth reading.

    Can't wait to hear your exciting news when it happens!

  17. Four hours for your first labor? Wow - I bow down to you, birthing goddess!

    I can't wait to hear how your homebirth goes. How exciting!

    And yeah, NoGoBloMe? There's no way I will be participating in that one. I can barely get a couple posts up every WEEK.

  18. Congrats on the new computer!!!!

    I'm getting so excited for you.

    But I'm also sooooo glad that it is your uterus waiting to be emptied and not mine....

    Much love, friend.

  19. i am O jealous of your new computer.

    and the sex thing is fun at the very least!

  20. my bloglines are out of control from all those nanoblopomo people! it's driving me mental and i'm not even pregnant!

  21. Oh, yes, sex to get things going.
    Our first child was late and my wife was positive that was the way to hurry things up.
    The flashbacks: No more, honey, I can't take your girth any more. Please you're crushing me. Somebody make her stop.

    Ahem, sorry about that--I still get nightmares.

  22. Whoot! I just saw you comment at Sage's which means I don't have to come over here to chastize you for not keeping us in the loop. I hope all is well. I hope you've been eating lots of spicy Thai and having lots of sex but, dear no, the the SnS.

  23. Funny. This is how often I blog, I just saw this posting..


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