Passed Due

So, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see that I am one day away from my actual due date. For all of my bitching and pleading, I’m technically not even overdue yet.

Today, to celebrate the very end of my pregnancy, I thought I would ruminate a bit over the very beginning of my pregnancy. Specifically, conception.

See, Soon-to-Bee, due mid-November, give or take, owes her conception to the year’s (and fertility’s) biggest cliché, Valentine’s Day. Sad but true, Soon-to-Bee more than likely began as a fun, but somewhat obligatory romp between her tired parents; the result of a paternity line that seems to rev up the fertility meter at this time of year – her father and grandfather are both mid-November babies, and though I haven’t traced the lineage further, I suspect Hallmark does pretty big business in my husband’s family on Feb. 14.

How ‘bout you? When you were born? Really, it says quite a bit about whom your parents are. I was thinking of my own birthday, January 6, and realized that it is almost 40 weeks to the day from my parents’ former April 4 anniversary. So my birthday makes perfect sense and my conception was hopefully a communication of love that, truth be told, I rarely glimpsed during my life.

Are there a lot of you born end of September/beginning of October? If so, you must obviously credit your existence to New Year’s revelry and perhaps more than a little bit of the bubbly. Born a little bit earlier in the year and it could be deduced that your parents were indulging in a wee bit of the Christmas cheer when you became a zygote.

Mid-December baby are you? Thank St. Patrick next March for helping your parents get drunk enough to think that it was (or wasn’t, heh heh) the right time of the month.

Are you a Pisces? Perhaps your parents celebrated Flag Day by raising a pole of their own.

Does your birthday fall around the middle of July? You might want to ask for a DNA test to make sure Mom wasn’t being too generous on National Boss Day. And if Mom is the boss, you should definitely get the test.

Birthday at the beginning of September? Blessed with unaccountable gifts such as water-parting, the healing touch, flocking lepers at your door or the ability to spark two thousand years of senseless war? Hmmm – what were your parents doing (or not doing) during Immaculate Conception?

Beginning of May babies (like Bee and many of her friends) make the most sense of course; their conception date?

Labour Day.



  1. I cannot even imagine the misery of going over my due date. I had expected to with my first but I know it would not have been pretty.
    You are a trooper.
    My birthday is in may and my brother's is in april. I though that was just an indicator of my mother's controlfreakishness and luck. She didn't want to be pregnant over the summer and she always seems to get what she wants.

  2. you crack me up.

    I held a newborn yesterday.
    Oh man. How I love those little things.

    Five days from now it will be a full moon. I was overdue one week with each of my girls.

    I call...Friday.

  3. Every time I see your title in bold I wonder if there's...NEWS.

    In this sense, no news isn't really good news, is it?

    Hang in there. And this was a really interesting post...I was born mid-September. ;)

  4. Ah! Something Bub and Soon-to-Bee have in common!

    As for me, I was born in February, nine months (to the day) after my parents' wedding.

  5. Patience K! Enjoy these last few moments with Bee.

    I'm a mid December baby but my parents had just arrived in Canada 4 mths prior so don't know what was going on in their minds and really umm I don't think I want to know..;)

  6. I know exactly when I was conceived, God help me - upon my father's return from deer season. Oh, yuck.
    As for my children, I remember each and every conception and all were pretty spiffy - a good start, I think.

  7. Heh. Yeah, my birthday is November, I had noticed the link. and Misterpie's bday is in mid September, his sisters both in late August - his parents used to go to frosty Winnipeg to see his mother's family come Christmas time... What better way to keep warm?

    My best friend HAD her baby on labour day weekend this year. Ha.

  8. Ah, my folks had 3 October babies what with January being the down season for farming. And I think I've told the entire internet this but Miss M was conceived the day my husband ran the Sleepy Town marathon. Ohhhhh ya!

  9. Hey - did you know that my birthday is January 7th?? I think I was supposed to be due on December 29th though. Capricorns rule!

    The Little Guy's conception date was March 3rd, but that would possibly be considered a delayed Valentine's romp as I was "out of commission" on the actual holiday...

    (Btw, I keep checking your blog for news - will hubbie post to keep us in the know??)

  10. I was a (conceived on) new years baby. Not that my parents ever owned up to that. This baby-to-be-named-later was conceived on her parent's anniversary. How's that for cliche?

  11. I don't like this post. It forces me to acknowledge that my parents actually had sex.

  12. Keeping fingers crossed for a birth... real soon for you guys. Have you walked? I mean walked? I assume you are having a home birth again... Good on you guys, I hope it's an easy one.

    I am a pisces... Flag day, huh? I'd call my mom and ask her but is 1:30am. She'll get a wake up call tomorrow morning from me. Great post. Good luck.

  13. Well Bumper was definitely a New Years baby but me? Hmmmm let me do the calculation... well apparently Canadian Thanksgiving made my parent's pretty randy. Now I must go find the Haitian from Heroes to erase that image out of my mind.

  14. I love the way your mind works. I think about these things all the time.

    Mme L? She's a February baby, which makes it look like it was a Victoria Day weekend incident. Only I know it wasn't. We were staying at a friend's place in Ottawa, in order to attend another friend's wedding, and despite how chuffed my first friend is to think that Mme L was conceived in her house, it didn't happen. I am kind of square when it comes to the thought of one of my friends washing those sheets.

  15. Heh... I'm an early May baby.

    Peanut is a child of that other great cliché - too much wine at a wedding.

  16. My brother, sister and I have birthdays within a month of each other, all about nine months after my dad's birthday, give or take. It's been a standing joke in my family for years that my mom gives good birthday gifts to my dad (Yuck!).

    I remember Swee'pea's conception specifically. And I remember NEVER expected to get past his due date and being more than a little grumpy at finding myself still pregnant on it. Three days later I got my massage therapist to do something to my ankle and I went into labour that night.

  17. Let's see...born late November. Perhaps a late V-day celebration?

    I'm hoping you get some relief soon, and get to hold that precious babe. My kids were both really friggin' late, the little buggers.

  18. hang in there....
    I was over due with lulu by around 10 days I think.

    um not that I really want to think about this...but looks like my parents were also in a valentine's mood with me.

  19. Both of my girls were planned, with no holidays in mind. Cordy was conceived right around New Year's, but we had already been trying before Christmas. And Mira was a post-BlogHer conception!

    Mira was also 6 days overdue, so I can relate to how you're feeling right now.

  20. hey i never thought much about this! i guess my parents were tossing back the bubbly for new years. . .

  21. Cakes was born about nine months after Thanksgiving...

  22. I had to laugh at this one: "Perhaps your parents celebrated Flag Day by raising a pole of their own." Ha! Especially funny since I'm a Pisces!

    Well, best wishes to you on the upcoming birthing! I was 3 days late with both my babies and I know how hard it can be to keep waiting.

  23. I was also born 9 months after Thanksgiving. It happens to be my dad's b-day and their wedding day. They spent one night in Niagara Falls before heading off to the Bahamas -- I don't think I was conceived in the Caribbean...

    Nate was conceived on Jan's b-day -- via too much champagne. Lucine last December, after I came home from my trip to New York with Kate. Her conception was much less romantic. I was ovulating, I wanted a second child, I wanted to surrender to motherhood and stop partying so much. I know I'm a one-time Charlie, so it was pretty much set in stone from the moment it happened. We even tried the Shettles method to conceive a girl. Crazy stuff.


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