The Name Game, Part II

My goodness, if you think that coming up with a real-life moniker for your soon-to-bee or newborn is tough, try coming up with a fitting blog pseudonym for that very same child.

With Bee, it was easy (Note to expectant second time parents – from here on out everything that happens with your second will be benchmarked against your first. Notice that I did not say compared. Benchmarked is more non-partisan, non?) – she looked like a bumblebee in utero, and that’s how we referred to her. Bee is not her real-life nickname, but it’s still a good fit here.

This one? Once I accepted that she was real and was staying put inside me for the duration (and then some), we referred to her as Baby Sister. (Note to expectant second time parents – from here on out, everything you do with or about the second will be with the ease, comfort, security and enjoyment of the first in mind. Transitions can be tough. So can toddlers.) But I’m not going to call her Baby Sister here, because I can blog without worrying about how very sensitive Big Sister will react (at least until she can read), and Baby Sister deserves her own identity, one that does not have to do with her relationship to sensitive Big Sister.

So, phew. Ok. Who is she? I’m tempted to call her Grunty McSnortSnort, because her sounds are freakin’ too too much (especially benchmarked against Bee’s strong, silent infanthood), but readers may not interpret that in the same lovable, adorable, melt-my-heart-while-laughing kind of way. Plus, she’s not a character in a Dr. Seuss picture book.

I could call her Princess Fartsalot, but again, it may not seem very dignified down the line.

Peanut? No. The Baby? No. By her initial, C? No? Cupcake? Shayna Maidela? Sky, because her eyes are crazy blue and I’m kind of a hippie? No. No. No.

And then it came to me.

As I wrote in an earlier post, we didn’t name this baby after my dad - but that’s not entirely true. We didn’t name her after him in English. But Jewish children get Hebrew names, and she is named after my dad in Hebrew. In Hebrew, my dad’s name is Dov, which actually means bear.

This baby’s Hebrew name is a feminized version of that, but I think I like just calling her Dov. Dove. And it fits. She is very bird-like – she coos, and cranes her neck and flaps her little arms. And as evidenced by the tattoo on my ankle, symbolically, doves mean a lot to me. But this Dove will be part bear as well, and that right there – that is what I want to teach my children, and I will swell with pride if that’s who they are – peaceful and hopeful in spirit and heart and strong and resilient and fierce as hell when they need to be.

So, welcome to the blogospere, Dove.



  1. I love it. It sounds perfect. It is a pleasure to read about your Dove.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a lovely idea, and a lovely post, AND a lovely name. The trifecta!

    Welcome to the blogosphere, little Dove.

    (And now can we turn our attention to boy names? Cuz I'm flat out of ideas. Long and rambly post to follow.)

  3. Welcome Dove, I was wondering what your name was going to be, and just like your mom, it is perfect.

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere Dove.
    Your mama is very kind and thoughtfull.
    I woulda called you princess stinkypants.

    'kind of a hippie'?

  5. Oh, how very perfect.

    Dove and Bee.

  6. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Dove. We'll keep watch over you and your olive branch of hope.

  7. hello there little precious Dove.

  8. Love it.

    Grunting and farting? Check. These days there is no sleep cause thr Little Guy is SO LOUD.

  9. dove is the sweetest little name!

  10. How perfect. Such a sweet name.

  11. Bee and Dove.
    love it!

    (what's the feminine version of Dov?)

  12. I love it. And I would wish the same peaceful but rouse-able spirit for my girl, too. I bet your girls will be JUST klike that, if they learn anything from their mama.

  13. Dove. I like it. A lot.

    Welcome to the blog world, Dove!

  14. perfect. It makes complete sense.


  15. I love it, too, and I'm gonna have to insist upon some more pics of Dove, and fast. Gorgeous baby fix needed!

  16. Ooo! I LOVE it!!! I had SUCH difficulty with blogname number two -- settled on Rascal, and it's still growing on me.... :)

    And, yeah (benchmarking....) the blogname was soooo easy and natural.

    And, I, too, could call my little rascal sir snortsalot or something because he, too, is such a snorter!!! mUst be a second baby thing!!! ;)

  17. Oop -- don't know what happened to my second par -- must be all this nursing getting to my brain.... meant to say blognaming the monkey was sooo easy and natural vs. this time around....

  18. I can so relate to the 'what to call them on my blog' dilemma...

    But your choice is perfect. Just perfect.

  19. I love this!

    I'm sure one of the sweetest sounds in the world is her little coo.

  20. Welcome Dove! You are cute, you actually look like a doll!


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