Cop Out Post

Because I love talking about myself, because you are such an interesting and inquisitive bunch, and because a bunch of my bloggy peeps are doing it, I am too:

Ask me anything.

I'll answer every question honestly. Or I'll make up something good.

and p.s. I'll feel like a huge loser if like, only my bff responds. no pressure.

**Ok, you guys totally deliver. I'm cutting you off before this becomes a 10-part post. And knowing me, it could.


  1. Okay. So Mamatulip said she had a night out on the town with you and a bunch of other bloggers - how did you all manage to hook up? How did you even know you wanted too?
    Okay, I have another one - what is the blog etiquite for comments? I have a friend who likes to "set the record straight" if she doeasn't agree with what I'm saying on my blog and it drives me crazy. And advice?
    And lastly, hi! Nice to find your blog!

  2. Oooooh, I'll be doing this in a few posts, to celeberate my '300th' post which is coming up... :-)

    So, hmmmmm. My question.... this is hard....

    How 'bout: When you picked out names for your two lovelies, first and middle, did you go with names you 'liked', or 'family' names, or a combination... or did you get to make the final vote for first name and your husband on the middle, or vv.... Just curious names get picked... (and I'm not asking you to post their real names). ;-)

  3. What I want to know is - how much crunchy, how much rock 'n' roll?

  4. if you could go back and change an event or moment from you past, what would it be??

  5. what's your secret supergirl power?

  6. A question I've asked lots of bloggers in the past but I'm ever-curious about how people deal with it...

    How much do you censor yourself when you're posting? How many people that you know in "real life" read your blog? Do you ever wish you could go completely incognito, and if not, why?

  7. What is your most favorite TEEN aged memory.

    Cuz I can't remember anything other than picking pimples and stuffing my bra so I need to live vicariously through you.

    And, secondly, when I come to TO will you be there for me to fondle inappropriately?

  8. I know this question's been asked around before but if you could have dinner with 3 famous people, dead or alive, who would they be?

  9. holy crap. I can't think of anything.

    b back.

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  11. How did you and Chris meet?

    And...am I the only one who thinks this New! Diamond Shreddies! bullshit is...bullshit? I mean, aren't diamonds and squares pretty much one and the same?

    And if you could pick one song as the 'theme song' for your teenage years, what song would it be?

  12. Favorite band ever?

    Underoos - loved them or hated them?

    Burt's Bees - Great company or corporate sellout?

    Most bizarre experience of your life?

  13. let's try this again oh comment stealing critters!

    I just found you so I'll have to snoop through your other posts before I ask.

    For what it's worth, I did this same thing a few weeks ago (FAQ type thing) and my BFFs are cruel! LOL.

  14. Should I name my first child "Skipper"?

  15. mamatulip is so right!

    My question for you...

    So after meeting you in person, I realized you are shorter in person than you appear in this blog (hoping right now not to be "deleted comment")
    so have you ever wanted to be taller, how tall and for what specific reason?

  16. Here is ny Q: Do you think it was karma kicking my butt when I TOTALLY judged you for giving your girl chocolate chips ... and then MY baby girl found out about chocolate chips just days later and LOVES THEM? I gave her one VERY dark chip thinking it would be bitter, she would hate it and that would be the end of that. Instead, she loved it and constantly asks for "more dark chocolate!!"

    I say karma, what say you?

    PS - my girl also had those cute "Dreamy" jammies.

  17. What is that gorgeous shade of blue that's on the walls in your profile picture, and I think, in the picture of the loves of your life?

    (Honestly, I'd love to go deep - you're such a nice and fascinating person - but really, that's it for today.)

  18. Because I need someone to make me feel better (hopefully...): How much alcohol have you drunk since having your second baby?? [Read: These kids of mine are driving me to drink.]

  19. blah, blah, blogFebruary 28, 2008

    You mean diamond-shaped shreddies are not social satire?

    Hmmmm, let's see.
    Questions for you:

    Why do you like ME?
    (okay, not really)

    Sephardic or Ashkenazi?
    Would you have your son circumcised?

    Any life regrets?

    If not being mom-entous at the mom-ent, how would you, ideally, occupy yourself?

    Lots to ignore or choose from!