Who'da Thunk It?

It is absolutely amazing what people will complain about.

Yesterday was Ontario’s inaugural Family Day stat holiday, and people – lots of people – were not happy about it.

Some people complained because they worked for the Federal government, and were therefore not entitled to a Provincial holiday. Good point, perhaps, but you know, last I checked, Federal government employees enjoyed some pretty sweet perks, even if Family Day was not one of them.

Police Officers were unhappy because they were not entitled to the day off. I almost felt sorry for the hardworking bunch until I learned that while they may not have gotten Family Day off, they did get 12 statutory holidays off each year. 12, huh? Even though there are only 9 Federally-recognized stat holidays in Canada. I no longer feel sorry for Police Officers.

There were even a few people that complained about the day off and were entitled to it. Apparently they had better things to do, or perhaps didn’t understand why it couldn’t be traded in for a tax break. Some curmudgeons took the stupid day but had to grumble that it would have been better spent in the warm summer weather when people actually wanted to be off work. I’m glad that the more than 3 month stretch between New Year’s and Easter with nary an extra lounging opportunity doesn’t bother them. They are stronger people than, I, the lot of them.

Still others complained that they were part-time, or contract, or union, or unemployed workers, and so, yes, it’s true, Family Day meant shit to them, and would prefer to begrudge those that did actually get the day off with pay.

Some people had the more valuable concern that they had to work and daycares were closed. Good point, but we've known about this for months. There was time to plan ahead, and certainly should not have left people in the lurch that say, a caregiver calling in sick might. But you wouldn't know it to hear people talking.

I didn’t understand it. And then I realized that it was Tuesday afternoon, and that I was at home. On mat leave. Being a stay-at-home mum. Nobody gave me yesterday off and paid me for it. Hey! Family Day did nothing for me! Bastards! I’m one of the 40% (or 60% depending on who you talk to) that our first February holiday did not apply to! Where can I trade it in? Huh? Where’s the office that I can go to for my tax break or a day I can take next November when I’m back at work? Sure, sure, Chris got the day off and he was quite happy for it, but so friggin’ what! What the hell has my Premier done for me? I feel like I should make a t-shirt: Ontario celebrated Family Day and all I got was this lousy husband.

So now that I’m totally all into the bitter and begrudging mindframe, I have a few other bones to pick:

I started my job with only 10 vacation days, but someone else I know started hers with 12.
That was 8 years ago, but I don’t care. She should have to give me one.

My bff drives a better car than I do even though I make more money and have two kids to cart around. What are you going to do about that, McGuinty?

Hey, Dalton, you jackass, I am making $473 a week on EI benefits, but people I know work in companies that top it up to 80% of their salary. Don’t let them.

Because if those perks don’t apply to me, why should anyone else get them? Right?

Ok, now someone punch me in the box, which is what I really deserve for complaining about a goddamn day off.



  1. You're funny.
    I think my brother is like the police officers, but I didn't hear him complaining.
    I am bitter though that some people, including my brother who is a federal employee, get topped up to 90% with my tax dollars.
    But yeah, I got my husband home too yesterday and I thought that was pretty good.

  2. heh heh

    I have to admit, I don't understand trying to designate a 'spend a day with your family' holiday, but for only some citizens, not all... Just headaches and bitterness for many, as you point out...

    Plus, even if we had such a day, like you, I'm a SAHM at the moment, so what the heck good does that do me? huh? huh? ;-)

    I SO agree with you. I actually ran into a few people complaining that they had a day off that they HAD TO SPEND WITH THEIR KIDS. Um, nice parenting.

    Some people are just ungrateful crybabies. We spent our day productively watching the new Transformers movie and my husband was able to be home and fast-forward through all of the scary stuff. QUALITY FAMILY TIME.

  4. Kgirl, I think I love you.

    And yeah, sure there are a few bugs to be worked out because of the short notice, but to hear some people talk, you'd think that the whole idea of a holiday - ever, for any reason - is just preposterous. (Businesses! Losing money! Nurses! Still have to work! Why don't we just cancel Christmas and Labour Day while we're at it?)

  5. Hey who are these federal government employees that you speak of ;-) hehehe

    While I did have to work yesterday, the other federal half of my marriage took the day off to spend with Samantha, everybody was happy!

  6. You make me laugh so hard, woman. I *heart* kgirl and her posts.

  7. blah, blah, blogFebruary 20, 2008

    Ontario celebrated Family Day and all I got was this lousy husband.


    Have a few printed up, hawk them on-line and you'll have your salary topped up in no time!

    Personally, I think Dalton just won a lucrative wager: It's February in Cananda, in the middle of one of the snowiest winters in years... get people wingeing about something other than the weather.

    The man delivered.

  8. I liked Family Day. I spent it with...wait for it...my family, and even though Oliver had a horrible meltdown in the middle of our local dive, we shrugged it off and enjoyed ourselves. I just wish more stuff was open in our area; it seemed like everything was closed -- but I don't think I looked hard enough for stuff to do 'outside' of the house, you know?

    Dave took Julia bowling for the first time while Oliver napped, and they had a blast. I even got some quiet time in. WOO!

  9. You are funny when you're cranky. I know I've spent the better part of the last two days thinking to myself, "hey, Ontario, SHUT UP already!!!" I thought of you all fondly from my workplace yesterday as I contemplated the depressed economy out here and the fact that I get a 90% top up. Lucky me, I guess.

  10. There's only actually five federally-mandated stat holidays. Really. Out here in Nova Scotia we would step over our mothers to get nine days off with pay.

    And the hoopla over Family Day? Was treated by the rest of the country like the time Toronto called in the army because it snowed.

    Funny, funny post. I would totally buy that t-shirt. Just because it amused me.

  11. Gabs - Not you, babe.

    MamaT - Yeah, our plans were cancelled at the last minute so our big Family Day outing turned out to be a chilly stroll to SDM for diapers. Whoo hoo!

    Hannah - I stand corrected, and please, please don't judge all of us Torontonians by the weirdo ex-mayor and a few crybabies. But, sigh, I guess we really do bring the bad reputation on ourselves, don't we?

    p.s. We've already had way more snow this year than we did the year the army was called in and we seem to be managing ok. Not great, because this is Toronto (see above), but ok.

  12. it's true, I am sure not going to complain about an extra day off and not having to go out in the crap weather to face work.

    and while we're at it, some people love being pregnant. Can I feed them a bad clam so they feel like me?

    And what about those people who are skinny and have good hair? Can I please force them into a weekly mayonnaise dip so they get fat and pimply? Please?

    And my sister's new job is way glammier than mine. Can I make her scrub my bathtub so it evens out?

  13. I thought it was nice to have Mr Earth home for an extra day, to be sure.

  14. Heh.

    Heh heh heh.


    I nominate kgirl as Ontario's next Premier. You can give us a new holiday that will only apply to individuals born on the third Thursday of every month excluding red-heads, which they will be forced to repay to the rest of the population by scooping dog manure out of public parks.

  15. AMEN, sistah!!! Although I did make the best of it -- had Josh-O stay home while I went to the GYM! ;)

  16. Ha!! Good points you made!!

  17. great post...and if it makes you feel better, i got jack all when i was on maternity leave...because i was a freelancer. all. three. times.

    (and because of this i feel like i can complain about family day. ahahah!)

  18. AMEN!!!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for writing this post.

    why do people have to complain about EVERYTHING???

    it's a god damn day off - sheesh!!!

  19. Hey, stay-at-home dad here--I did get the day off. My wife took the kids skiing and I stayed home. Wa-hoo!

    "... punch me in the box." ? ? ?

  20. Ha ha ha!
    I had family day off, but hurt my back, so I could have taken a sick day if I was working. Whine ;)
    Fabulous post!

  21. We've had family day in our province for a while. I never thought to complain about it.

    After all, every day is family day in my house.


  22. I love your bitching. You made me laugh.

  23. Lol!

    Well, just think of it as your day off to complain. Or your day off from not complaining.

    Now just be awesome for the rest of the year. ;-)

  24. you said. punch me in the box, that's funny.

  25. home childcare provider over here... every day is 'family day' here! bwahaha. I was down 3 kids so it was a day 'off'!

    GREAT post. I swear we live in Complain-a-da, not Canada... sometimes.

  26. "bitter & begrudging" are you truly coming into your jewish motherdom? You know can borrow my car anytime bubila!!

  27. Oh the injustice... Perks for everybody.

    Argh, I had a good question for your post that you closed comments on. It was going to involve Darcy Tucker, but I'm too late. ;)


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