Live Blogging: 100th Post

Hey, I'm back, and so far, not much has changed. Thursday Morning is chugging along, Dove is still sleeping, I may actually finish my coffe while it is hot, and...

This is my 100th post! How exciting that I get to Live Blog my 100th post at The Kids Are Alright!

In honour of my 100th post and my second Live Blog post, here is a picture of my children, because you know, this is all for them.

Are they not fucking adorable? Am I allowed to say that? Cuz, you know this is live and all.

Ok, Dove is up and I am now Live Blogging one-handed! Oh, this is good stuff. Back soon. How'm I doing?



    By the way. Notice you're reading, or have read, "a boy of good breeding." Any good?

  2. 100! Yippie... Here's to hundreds of hundreds more.

    Dove's fingers must be tasty!

  3. Happy 100! Am loving your live blogging.

    Kids are gorgeous.

  4. They look edible. For real. Mmmmmm tasty cuteness to the nth degree.

  5. The are f*cking adorable! (Swear words necessary here). Bee looks just like you.

  6. blah, blah, blogMarch 21, 2008

    Oh, cutie pies!

    Again, I must say it. There is simply not enough baby nudity with winter babies.

    Look at those adorable rolls!


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