Live Blogging: It's Time!

Ok, this has been quite the Live Blogging whirlwind.

Dove puked anyway.

BFF is now here, and cuddling Dove while I do this.

The dryer just finished, so I can go get my hoodie.

I forgot to pack snacks for Bee, so I still need to do that.

And I think I will definitely join the gym.

Gotta go, I'm crowning!
kidding. ha ha.

Thanks for indulging me. I will not be having any more children, so it was nice to have the opportunity to do this.

Stay classy, blogosphere.



  1. No more children??? But you're the earth mama!

    And OMG Dove is so freaking adorable. Especially in tie-dye. And Bee too!

  2. This was funny and heart-warming. What makes this version of live blogging better than labour live-blogging is that we get to see cute pictures of the kid. 'Cause, ya know, as much as I love you, watching you crown just wouldn't work for me.

  3. Stay classy?

    *snort* I'll try. But it'll be a stretch.

  4. I'm with mamat - ummm how does one get classy?

  5. Classy?!?

    Love your live blogging girlfriend!

  6. So sorry I missed the live part of the blogging. Now i must go find my lime green leisure suit. Then I can get classy.

  7. I'll try. To stay classy that is.

    Now git yer butt to the gym that is not curves.

  8. OMG hilarious. I can't believe I missed this live.
    Homebirth blogging - the ultimate. I cannot believe I never thought of that. Of course it just seems so obvious that you would have done rocked it.

  9. You are a funny girl. And,yes, your children are fucking adorable!

  10. caught up on all the live blogging from yesterday--i love the pics of the kids and i wager most of us would rather see those sweeties than you crowning. not that your yani isn't lovely--i'm sure it is! :-)

    Running on empty

  11. classy. ha.

    thx for the laugh (me, classy? EVER? hahahahaha)

  12. Who are you callin' classy!


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