Live Blogging: More From Thursday Morning

Dove is finished eating. Has burped but still might puke, because, well, she's a puker.

BFF still not here. That's ok, we don't have to go get Bee for another half an hour. She has no children and runs her own business, so she doesn't know how to get up and go early. Lucky.

I believe I will join the circuit-training gym that is NOT curves, even though I will hate every second of it. I have a free go Tuesday night to confirm this.

Other bloggers give good baby shower gift. Proof:

Thanks, Sin!

Thanks, SBB!



  1. Holy Moly - those gifts RAWWWWWK. I want that hat for myself.

    Dove is one super cool model (is she a v2.0?)

  2. Oliver was a puker too.

    Good times.

  3. Oh the gym. After walking 14 hours straight for four days in a row while in Texas, I think I could handle a few hours a week in the gym.

    Dove is super cool!

  4. So cute! Have you seen my post with the Little Guy in Sin's shirt? We should get these two tie-dyed cuties together!


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