Eat Me: Soup's On

I like my soup like I like my men – rough and easy. Or wait… maybe that’s how I like my faux finishes… anyhoo, that’s definitely how I like my soup. No clear-brothed, delicate pansy-assed soup for me, no thanks. Maybe it’s the Laura Ingalls fetish in me, but I think that if one is going to bother to make soup, it should be hearty, filling and robust. It should feed you, dag nab it. (sorry, that’s more of the pioneer fetish talking.)

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For the record - I'm not a dietician, chef, nutritionist or farmer. I just like eating good, healthy, fresh food. And I like bossing people around. So now I have a food column. Obviously.



  1. You can boss me around any time baby. Oh wait... you are talking food, right?

  2. If you can teach this Kitchen Loser how to feed her family (with no time, and even less skillz), you are a star.

  3. Cool sounding soup. Sounds perfect for a crisp fall day.

    (Do you make a clear-brothed exception for miso soup? Generally, I like my soups more like stews as well, but my heart has a special place for miso.)

  4. kelly - oh yes, miso soup has a place all on it's own. would i ever deny the tasty health benefits of miso soup? niet.


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