Eat Me

Yeah, you heard me.

I'm such a freakin food guru that I decided to write about all matter of gastrodelicio subjects, and somebody actually let me.
So, if you're in the mood for a cup of helpful information mixed with a dash of decent advice and a pinch of sarcasm - oh yeah, and a whole bunch of good food for your brood - check it out.

(I promise the food puns/analagies/similes/metaphors end here.)

oriental salmon, wildest wild rice and steamed veggies. now we're cookin.

p.s. my food photography? needs work. but the food? yum.


  1. I like! And I'd TOTALLY eat that. The salmon, I mean. Sheesh, get your head out of the gutter for A MOMENT, wouldja?

  2. I totally need to register for this session.

  3. omg - this is like food porn. I'm drooling - and your presentation kicks butt.

    But I expected no less from you ;) - 'specially the porn part.

  4. Wow - you made that? I bow down to you.

  5. i love love the color of that rice! My fav!

  6. looking forward to all your yummy & healthy recipes!
    love the purple rice.

  7. Is that that japanese black rice? Although when I cook it it cooks up more maroon - I wasn't sure if it was just the picture or not. It looks really fun!

  8. emma - kind of - it's a crazy variety with all sorts of grains in it as well as black, white, red and brown wild rice. it's sweet and yummy and yes, a little more red/purple than it looks in the shot.

  9. Wow! Beautiful dish! So colourful!!! Way to go! ;)


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