A Few Fun Things

Miscellaneous things going on ‘round Casa Kgirl:

Bruise-Coloured Glasses?

Bee walked up to me recently, bottom lip turned out, shoulders hunched (she’s dramatic). ‘Mmm, mmm.’ she whimpered.

‘What’s wrong, love?’ I asked.

She pointed to both her knees, upon which she had fallen while running earlier in the day.

‘Roses.’ She answered, perfectly mournful. I was puzzled. ‘What roses, honey?’ I inquired.

She lifted up her pant legs, showing me twin black and blue little splotches. ‘Roses.’ she sighed.

Ahh, indeed. I gave her my most dramatic, sympathetic look, and a hug. She skipped away happily, roses already forgotten.


I keep forgetting to link on Wednesday, but over at Playdate, I’m talking about how to make food choices that do our body, and our earth, some good. Go on, have a nibble.


Toronto area bloggers, I’ve got something for three of you. No, really, I do. And it’s good. It’s an advance copy of Petite Anglaise, by superstar bloggerCatherine Sanderson!.
I know! Cool, right?

Wait! It gets better! With the free book you will also get an invitation to a blogger’s brunch launch party on June 6, where you will enjoy great food and great company with some of the city’s best bloggers.

Wait, it gets better! We will also have the honour of a conversation with Catherine via satellite! How cool is that?

What are you waiting for? Email me! Kgirlto at gmail dot com.



  1. I want something free.

    And I want to see the world thru your daughter's eyes.

  2. I'm probably too late for a copy, right?

    Roses. That's great.

  3. Poor baby girl!
    Geez, that would be fun to go to.

  4. awe poor little thing.
    such an imagination though re:roses.

  5. Aw, roses. That's so darn cute!

  6. Awwww! ROSES! I LOVE that!!! :) So sweet....

  7. Hi, I just wandered into your blog while browsing and I think that's your daughter is so sweet. Roses. I love it!


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