Tomato Soup - It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

I am not a morning person. I grudgingly do what I have to, but I often succumb to what Chris calls ‘Morning Rage,’ wherein anybody with half a brain and a yen not to be decked with a flying bagel stays out of my way until I have drank at least half of my coffee.

Coming by it honestly, my children do not seem to be morning children. I wish this meant that they were happy to slumber until 9 am, but unfortunately, it does not. What it means is that my 6-month old likes to poop at about 7 am, setting off a chain of events that inevitably wakes me, the cat, my 3-year old and then Chris, in that order. Now, I admit that I often send Chris downstairs with the (grumpy) children and (annoying) cat while I catch a few more winks, but twice a week we all have to scramble out of bed to get ready to take Bee to nursery school.

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