Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Talk Before I Have Coffee

(for Motherbumper)

Last week I picked Bee up from nursery school, and then ducked into the local grocery for some lunch fixins.

In the aisle, me and another mom went to manoeuver our strollers around each other, and I realized that I knew her.

‘Kim! Hi!’ I addressed her warmly and was in return greeted with a look that went from pure confusion to slight recognition. ‘Oh, hi!’ she said, still somewhat unsure.

‘We met at the toy store last week,’ I prompted, and looked to the boys sitting in the stroller. ‘I remember Jackson,’ I said, smiling at the older boy, ‘But,’ I continued, ‘I don’t remember the baby’s name.’

‘It’s Liam,’ My stranger/friend answered, continuing, ‘Wow, two out of three - you’re good! How did you remember any of our names? I can’t remember a thing!’

‘Oh god, don’t worry about it!’ I assured her, ‘It’s not like I ever remember anything important!

And… scene.


I am only slightly less of a knob over at Playdate today, where I wax loco – I mean local – about the yumminess of the farmers’ market. Go take a bite.



  1. LOL!!

    I am constantly doing/saying stuff like that. You and me...we be soul sistahs.

  2. Oh. Ouch. I hope you weren't wearing pointy shoes when you jammed that foot in your mouth!

  3. I'd never do anything like that... ever ;)

  4. he he he.

    Sounds like something I would say.

    Hey, you remembered the names. Case closed.

  5. You and me both. (Did I mention that I BROKE MY COFFEE POT yesterday? Damn my super strength.)

  6. I can't remember what day it is.
    I'm sure she won't remember anything. Though maybe she will recognise you next time.

  7. Okay, how about my recent "you sure are small for someone who is pregnant" to an acquaintance who was OF COURSE not pregnant. Yay!

  8. blah, blah, blogJune 05, 2008


    Last summer, when our dear neighbour commented on girl child, the first's height--'Hey, you're getting so tall, you're already half my size'.

    I replied, 'Yeah, and she'd got half your vocabulary, too'.

    Um, whoops.

  9. um. yeah. story of my life. :)

  10. Yeah - I'm always putting my foot in it. Seriously, it's an epidemic around these parts!

  11. I am so glad I am not the only person out there making an idiot of myself.

  12. Heh.

    As self-appointed president for the Foot in Mouth club, I heartily welcome you.

    Well done.


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