Have You Seen My Cherry?

So, while every other woman blogger in the free freakin blogosphere was attending one blogger 0rgy or another this past weekend, I was licking my wounds at my in-laws and preparing myself for another year of in-jokes I won’t get.

I can have fun! I thought, so I joined a Rock Band with my sister-in-law and mastered my rock n’ roll domain.

I can relax! I thought, so I hightailed it to the pool, where I floated on floaties, got whacked in the head with noodles, let Dove experience her first pool pee and refused to wear a proper bathing suit because, y’know, flab.

*Sorry, the photo had to go. didn't realize it was SOOOOOOO bad! I should not just browse thumbnails when choosing shots.*

I can learn technical stuff! I thought, so I took it upon myself to wade through roughly 27 remote controls in the little remote control caddy and figured out how to turn the g-d tv from aerial to satellite.

I can try new things! I thought, so we headed to the nearby Cherry Festival (hooray for farm country!), and I entered this:

Uh huh. That’s right. This is me, the Southern Ontario Cherry Pit Spittin’ Queen of the Cherry Festival:

And here’s my pit spit:

Dudes, I spit that pit 9 meters! 9 meters! For my American friends, that’s almost 30 feet! 30 feet!

That’s the length of a friggen stegosaurus! That’s as tall as a billboard! That’s as wide as… something 30 feet wide! Friends, that is far.

Ok, so, fine – I didn’t actually spit the pit far enough to make it to the championship round, but I was only 1/2 a meter off the leader. (Let’s not split hairs.)

The point is, I can be proud of my accomplishments this weekend, even if I didn’t get oogled at, farted on, boob knocked, or even recognized.


I’ll just keep telling myself that ‘til next year.


I also ate lots of fine food last weekend. Read about all the work I didn’t do here, while Bee chillaxes on the patio.


  1. OK first off, you are the cherry pit spittin' queen without a doubt. And second, holy heck Bee looks like a little diva (which she isn't) but oh my gawd she looks so diva with that arm behind the head and the sunglasses.

    Oh darling, I'd pay good money to watch you spit pits.

  2. You are one hot pit spitter.

    And you were greatly missed this weekend, my friend.

  3. Were your ears burning this weekend? Tanis and I talked about how eatable you are. Or better, I assumed and she totally confirmed it.

  4. Seriously?!? That is some SERIOUS pit spitting! I bow to you...

    I was a bit regretful that I didn't go to one of those things but, enh, next time I guess...

  5. You are awesome. I'd probably just have it dribble down my chin and stain my clothes.

  6. That's hilarious! That guy's uniform is too funny!

    Love the pic of Bee relaxin' by the pool.

  7. Family in-jokes that leave in-laws out are the BEST. Gosh, I love in-law gatherings for JUST THAT REASON.
    Your in-laws live in a pretty town, at least. And look at you spit!

  8. 30 FEET! Man. Now I'm sorry I missed the cherry festival!

  9. As if that picture of Bee doesn't look exactly like a version of you that had been hit with a shrink ray!
    I actually had to look at it twice to be sure.

  10. Wow, quite the pit spit! I can't even spit "spit" without it ending up dripping down my chin, let alone a cherry pit.

    Hey, ANYONE can drive to Niagara or fly to SF, but only a heralded few can spit a pit at all, let alone 30 feet.

    Perhaps BFF needs to be at the cherry pit spit contest next year instead....

  11. Next year, baby, you and I will be spitting together. Probably our drinks, though, from making each other laugh too hard.

  12. My hero. That's who you are baby.

    You were so so missed this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  13. Hey that's resume quality talent!

  14. blah, blah, blogJuly 27, 2008

    That was a bad photo?
    I thought you looked great...


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