How She Move

Right now, it’s kind of a forward-seated propellation, unless she flips onto her tummy, in which case it's a backwards worm crawl ‘til she bumps into something.

Either way, I am woefully unprepared for 8-month old Dove’s impending mobility.

I was also woefully unprepared for Dove’s foray into food that did not come from my boobage, as well as her foray into clothes that her sister did not fit until she was 18 months, and her foray into the joys of eating carpet fluff and anything else she can get her pudgy little hands on.

However, all of those things are easily remedied – a quick batch of sweet potato puree; a dig into the bins of clothes that it seems I just took out of Bee’s drawers; a deft swish of a finger to clear Dove’s mouth of delicious lint. Dealing with each of those rites of babyhood passage come back swiftly from the annals of motherhood memory when I needed them too, and carry a pretty short (re)learning curve anyway.

But crawling? What the hell am I supposed to do about that one again?

Not only am I feeling daunted by the reality of no longer turning around and seeing my child sitting where I just put her, but this means I have to babyproof the house again, doesn’t it? And (worse), keep it pretty dang clean. Cleaner than I’d like to put in the time for. I mean, at 3, Bee is definitely more likely to make a mess on the floor than to eat one, so I don’t worry much about her, but you know, nothing says good parenting like finding your 8-month old sitting in the corner eating cat hair.

And babyproofing? With Bee, we put in little more babyproofing effort than a gate at the stairs and outlet covers. When the ratio was always at least one parent:one baby, there was little chance of Bee making a move without being under a watchful eye and ready hand, and besides, she was never very interested in opening contraband-concealing cupboards or climbing up bookcases.

Dove, however, is a different story. Not only am I absolutely sure that she will be more of a monkey than her older sister was (only partially because her M.O. is clearly to keep up with her older sister), but the ratio of parent:child is now slightly more skewed in favour of the children (recent husband lay-offs notwithstanding), and I can barely keep track of where my coffee is, let alone what the kids are doing.

So, this weekend we had better put up the gates, take down the tchochkes, and sweep the floor – there’s no stopping her now, and as we make accommodations for a baby on the go, I guess I had also ready my heart for the pace at which Dove is leaving infancy behind.



  1. With Pumpkinpie, we put up gates, covered outlets, latched those cupboards designated for evil things (and the liquor cabinet, but to a baby, that's pretty much the same), and covered the sharp corners of our coffee table. Oh, and we hid stereo and DVD/VCR type stuff behind plexiglass doors. Misterpie wondered recently if we overdid it, but I can think of instances where each of those things came in handy, and we didn't go so far as to latch down toilets and fridges and door handles, so I think a middle road is a nice place, as usual. Strange to be starting over, though, isn't it? I'm sure I'll forget something...

  2. The second child's eagerness to catch up with the first is a bit bittersweet, I always find. You should see my house - me vs. three kids. I'm just outgunned.

  3. Wait a sec, we aren't supposed to let them eat cat hair? Oops. Anyhow, at least you can use the excuse of being kinda out numbered because cleaning house is really overrated (even in the shadow of your kid tossing up furballs).

  4. Yeah, we never had to babyproof with the Boy. We just told him not to touch things, and he stopped. The Little Guy not only eats EVERYTHING he can get his grubby little paws on, he can also take his own diaper off, and empty a box full of baby toiletries and medecines in the time it takes me to wash my hands. In short, I'm screwed.

    (Btw, what is this clean house thing of which you speak? No hablo inglese.)

  5. Totally the same around here re: childproofing. Locks on cabinets that we'd abandoned after childproofing ourselves out of our kitchen were recently put back on and not by me -- I hadn't even asked yet.

    Mine, being three months older than yours, IS crawling. And it's awesome a super sucky at the same time. Today I pulled cat food out of her mouth with the very swipe technique you mention.

    This week she pushed an Ikea toy wagon with a brick in it clear across the backyard. We are so screwed.

  6. I can't believe shes crawling already!

    not much else to say other than good luck..

  7. blah, blah, blogJuly 27, 2008

    Strains of Roberta Flack--'Singing my life with her words...'--ran through my head as I read this post.

    Within half an hour of 'waking up' this morning(and I use that term generously in reference to myself), girl child, the second, came within a (cat) hair of pulling a dining room chair down on her head and slamming her fingers in a drawer.

    And I'm giving serious thought to giving up when it comes to the consumption of foreign objects: as long as it's non-toxic and poses not threat of choking, where's the harm? What doesn't kill her will build her immune system, no?

    Last week at the footie match she was actually picking lint (and dutifully consuming it) off the jersey of the fan beside me. I didn't even notice until the people behind us broke out laughing.

    Meanwhile, unburdened of pesky adult supervision, girl child, the first, apparently took my comments about needing to clean out my wallet literally, and helpfully threw a couple of 20s in the trash. Fortunately, I notice them while taking the garbage out.

    Well, I sat her down and gave her a lecture about family values; we recycle in this house-hold, little Missy.

  8. blah, blah, my dear friend -
    When are you starting a blog of your own? WHEN?

  9. Babyproofing with Oliver was completely different than with Julia. With her it was light and breezy and airy; with Oliver it was PUT IT UP AND PUT IT UP NOW! ALL OF IT! Locks and gates and double locks and combination codes and chain locks on every door sort of thing. LOL.

    And as much as I like that he's getting a bit older and we don't have to be so regimented about it all, I picked him up yesterday and felt how heavy he was and it hit me too, the growing up thing.

  10. I went full on babyproofing for the girl who was dutifully watched and corrected and hardly got into anything. Julia so far is less mobile but I am starting to get the feeling there will not be enough in place.
    Some of the parents of other kids with Sotos have mentioned having to install new locks so the kids cannot escape the house as they are tall before they are smart enough to know not to go out alone being size four two year olds.

    as usual, I will not even attempt to edit that. you kwim. right?

  11. my dad used to call that backward belly move "the maggot"...my mom didnt appreciate comparing their children to larvae.

    i think every child has to eat cat hair at some point. Its a crucial part of growing up.

  12. i never babyproofed anything with emily...i didn't have to. but with josh, he was able to figure out all the child locks etc.

    i think it's ALWAYS harder with #2!

  13. Think of it this way...the more she's exposed to the cat hair, the less likely it is that she'll develop an allergy to it. There, worry more about the -proofing and less about the cleaning. ;)


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