It's Wednesday!

Five years ago, if anyone had asked me what my five favourite things were in my hip little Queen West kitchen, I’m pretty sure the list would have looked like this:

1. The drawer full of take-out menus
2. My Bodum
3. The Mr. Peanut commemorative blue glass jar
4. The two retro baker’s racks
5. The half-q of weed in the freezer

Fast-forward to today, when the take-out menus get a lot less milage, the Bodum has given way to full-size coffee maker that must be buzzing by 8 am, the Mr. Peanut jar shattered in an unfortunate moving accident (grrr), the baker’s racks are stacked with kids’ toys in the basement and the greenest thing in my freezer is a bag of broccoli. Which doesn’t roll very well.

(eat more)



  1. Before I moved to Europe, I used to eat out a lot. Because I could, I suppose. Now with wee ones... not so much, and it has to be super child friendly, and affordable ... life really does change when the wee ones arrive.

    Bummer about Mr Peanut... sounded kind of cool.

  2. I so hear you on this one (right down to the broccoli)

    hey quick question for you.
    Just found out that I have to avoid wheat, dairy and sugar...sniff sniff....
    So I'm wondering if you have any cookbook recommendations?


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