Well, There Go The Plans for That 24k Gold Room We Were Hoping For

Once upon a time, there was a Fairly Hip Toronto TV Broadcaster that gave Kick-ass Editor a job.

One day, seven years later, Fairly Hip Toronto TV Broadcaster's daddy died, and his kids put the company up for sale.

Large, Pretty Conservative National TV Broadcaster saw that there was an opportunity to become The Only Game In Town, or at least, The Biggest Game In Town, and bought Fairly Hip Toronto TV Broadcaster.

The Biggest Game In Town sold off a good portion of the original Fairly Hip Toronto TV Broadcaster's stations, because it didn't need them any more, and lots of people lost their job.

Kick-ass Editor had to say goodbye to many friends, but was able to sigh a sigh of relief, because his wife was about to have a baby and go on mat leave, and he had not been given a golden handshake.

Seven months later, he got his hand shook.

Anybody looking to hire a Kick-ass Editor?



  1. Dude, bummer. Does you man like hockey? Because now that we are actually making double full-time incomes for the first time in a decade, J wants to leave his job and moonlight at the CBC. So there goes my 24K gold room too.

  2. Oh that SUCKS!

    When that happened to us, though, Dave ended up with a job that paid almost double the one he lost in a pretty short time. Here's hoping that happens to Chris.

  3. OMG - I am so sorry. Sorry. Oh fuck, I wish I had a job for that kick-ass editor. Fuck. Fucking pretty ass conservative sharks eating up everything until originality and indenpendence is gone.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that - when Josie was three months old, Steve lost a contract and was out of work for months and months and months and months and months and add three more months to that, apart from some meager freelancing. Though the stress was incredible and the savings frightfully diminished (and never since recovered from), we did get some amazing family time together. So, there's a silver lining, kind of.

  5. Oh, that is really crappy. I'm sorry to hear.

    (But wait - he died? How did I miss that part? Truly, I am out of it.)

  6. Why do I feel like I am looking to kick someone's ass?

    sucks babe. I'm sorry but I am sure better things will be along shortly.

  7. KP - Mr. Waters died; Moses didn't own the station, he was simply creative director, and he got canned a few years ago. Don't worry; 'Zoomer' lives on.

  8. Well, fuck.

    That really sucks. That Conservative National Broadcaster is causing lots of problems for far too many people that I know.

    I'll keep my ear to the ground...

  9. Aw hell. That really, really sucks ... and I know this firsthand because G just went went back to work in June after being made redundant four months prior.

    Sending good job vibes your family's way.

  10. That blows. I hope it's a very short-term thing.

  11. I do sometimes hear of jobs for Kick-Ass Editors in my line of work - I will definitely keep my ear to the ground.

    Sucks, though, kgirl. It does. Really sorry to hear that.

  12. oh. no.

    we went through this too. right after we bought out house and when i was 7 months pregnant with baby #2.


    we only hire the paper/writing type of editors, sadly, so i can't help.

    i hope he finds something soon!


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