The Good, The Bad and The Yummy?

The Good:
You guys remember my guestposter for the bitchfest, right? The guestposter that kicked my sorry feelin-sorry-for-myself ass into humility with her words and wisdom? Well, I told her she should go get herself her own blog, because the blogosphere deserved her.

And guess what? She listened to me! I am so not used to people (like, three-year-olds, I mean) listening to me, that I had to read her email twice, but folks, The CoopKeeper is in da blogosphere. Go check her out, if you ain't chicken. (waka waka)

The Bad:
I'm sick. I seriously hate it when people blog that they are sick (like I am), or update their Facebook status with, ... is sick (like I did), but bejeeezus, I got sick. First time in three years, not including morning sickness. So I am entitiled. Chris took yesterday off from his glamorous freelance job to let me rest, but today I am on my own. At least, until 4 o'clock when my mother will be here, with juice and hopefully something chocolaty. Anyway, the point is, I have the sniffles. Boo.

The Yummy?
You guys know I like cooking. But did you also know that I like cross-stitching and playing cards? I swear I could be a 50's housewife, if it weren't all Stepford-y, and I was allowed to have tattoos. Anyway, I'm a couple of days late, but I'm putting together a very 50's dinner party over at Eat Me, and you're all invited.

Oh, and P.S. - I'm going to Florida in a couple of weeks. We're driving. With the kids. From Toronto. Chris thinks we are insane. I think we are adventurers. More on that later.



  1. I post pretty much every time I'm sick. And I'm pretty sure I've updated my facebook status. I just always want people to know I'm suffering, otherwise it would feel like I was lying.

    All that to say I hope you feel better soon, and I don't think there's anything wrong with posting.

    Off to check out the new blog.

  2. the truth is, I am really intolerant of vulnerability, and therefore, unsympathetic. especially to myself. my husband especially loves this (ahem) quality of mine.

  3. Get better soon - if you got sick then I will be sick by Monday. BTW - FWIW, I think you are insane adventurers (my favourite kind).

  4. You hate it when people blog about being sick? You must loathe my blog, Frog And Toad Are Sick Yet A- Freaking-Gain.
    Throw in some Jeopardy, and I will join you in geriatric splendour.

  5. driving to florida... you are so very, very brave.

  6. Hey man, if you're insane, then I am too. If you want to borrow anything for the trip, lemme know. You ain't lived until you've spent an evening in an (un-airconditioned) car with two small children and Dora teaching you how to do the mambo. Good times.

  7. Wow, you are brave...that is a long drive! Thank you so much for promoting my blog! Hope you feel better...being sick is bad enough. Being sick and trying to take care of kids is a-whole-nother thing.

  8. driving to Florida WITH the kids...wow- I'm in awe.
    (and a bit jealous of your adventurous spirit)

    feel better soon- sniffles are making their rounds here too.
    sucks to be sick.

  9. Sorry to hear you're sick. I got sick too just after Julia started school again (fancy that) and you bet your britches I updated my Facebook status with my condition. LOL.

    And, re: Florida, driving, with two kids? INSANITY. Better you than me. ;)


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