I'm Cheap and Easy, But Not THAT Cheap and Easy

It's not the marketing; I understand the need to find new and technologically savvy ways to peddle crap.

It's not the emails from the marketers; I make my address available, and therefore, my inbox gets what it deserves. We have 'Delete' buttons for a reason, right?

It's not the marketers themselves; they have a job to do and part of it is trying to convince me to 'work' for them. Hell, sometimes they are even successful - I love being part of the Random House on-line review program: I love reading and think supporting authors and publishers is important enough to spread the word on my blog.

There have even been a few times where I have emailed a solicitor back to hear a little bit more about their program and to see whether or not it would be a good fit for us. (So far, not so much.)

So what is it then?

I guess it's a simple matter of checking your work:


Ms. Blue,

Hi, my name is Adrienne. I recenly came across your blog and think it is great. I am very interested to hear how the drive to Florida goes! I remember driving with my fam when I was a kid to Quebec every summer for our vacation. 8 hours in a car with a younger brother who liked to scream, for no reason, at the top of his lungs. Golden.

Also, I love the tattoos! Its always a great feeling to commit to something like that when it really has a lot of meaning and value. And let's be honest, old-school tattoos are just awesome!

The reason I am writing you is because I am doing PR for a skincare company called xxx.
We specialize in great products for every inch of skin from the neck down. These products were made by mothers, for mothers.
I am looking to make contact with a few great bloggers in the Toronto area and send them samples of our new/current products to try out. There are no obligations or requirements, all I ask is that if you enjoy the products, you give them mention in your blog.

If this is something you'd be interested in, please let me know. All I would need from you in moving forward would be contact information and a mailing address.

Feel free to write back or give me a call at 416 xxx-xxxx if you have any questions or would like to chat further.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


And my response:

Hi Adrienne, I appreciate the contact, but I find the personal touch goes a bit farther if you get my name right.

Good luck with your campaign; no need to keep in touch regarding future initiatives.

Karen "kgirl," proprietress, The Kids Are Alright



  1. I thought the Ms Blue sounded a bit off. Here I thought it was a new code name...

  2. I get, on average and no exaggeration, about four a day and the majority have the wrong name or just Dear Ms. _____ (opps they forgot to fill in the blank). I respond when they bother to read (even if they totally missed the point of the story) but most of the time I just delete.

  3. OMG, they just emailed Jana before you!

  4. BWAHAHA...I got an email from the same girl. At least she got my name right.

    This reminds me of the time when Dave called me Karen. And it wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't said "I love you" before that.


  5. Don't they know that it's Ms Blue that's cheap and easy ;)

    Yup got an email too. I'm just thankful that marketers are reading my blog.

  6. Ha! Good one! I got email fromt he same company, but it was much shorter, and may not even have contained a name, so you may have shamed her into being more careful - or, you know, she just got busy trying to pump more out.

  7. that was perfection., Ms Blue

  8. eeekkks....i gave her my address. i feel like a big ol' loser now. she said 'free samples' i got a bit excited.

  9. I got the exact same email, only they didn't even try to use my name. All I got was:


    And then right into the email. Just call me "She Who Must Not Be Named."

  10. hahah...the bitch...she got my name wrong as well and didn't even respond to my email back to her....wonder how much she gets paid to do such a crap job.

    Sorry..that sounds a bit harsh...it's one of those nights;)

  11. So, so cold!

    That Ms Blue had me confused at first, but I'm so cheap and easy I might have taken the goods anyway.
    This must be one of the better ones that actually acknowledges at least a few posts being read.
    I was about to say I never get these, but then I realised the offers are just so crap I don't give them a second thought.

  12. Oh dear. poor thing. Its probably her, or his, first job.

  13. They hit me up too, but I'm still green enough to feel flattered that anyone read me. That being said, I was too lazy to respond.

  14. Ha! I thought it was a pseudonym, too...but of course!

    Well, it is far more personal than any of those offers that I've ever received.

  15. I need you at my house when telemarketers call. I always think of a really witty retort...three days later.

  16. blah, blah, blogSeptember 29, 2008

    Oh, admit it, you just weren't interested. Now if the freebies had been more enticing...

    Did I tell you about the time I was paid $50 to do a product sampling of beer?

    No, really.

  17. Wow - it's too bad she got the name wrong because I thought she did a pretty decent job in taking the time to check a couple of posts before trying to engage you.

    You new media moms are a pretty damn sharp - us pr hacks will keep trying until we get it right.


  18. I didn't get one?!?!!? lol.
    My hubby is the best with pr ppl and telemarketers, they hang up on him because he's so obnoxious.
    crapola, even telemarketers don't read my blog. boohoo


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