Didn't I promise to post more often now that I'm back at work?

And wasn't this weekend Dove's first birthday? And didn't we have a wonderful party, full of family and friends and food, food, food? And didn't all of our generous friends and family heed our request and, in lieu of gifts, bring many wonderful toys and bags and bags of food to donate to children that need it more than mine?

And didn't my mother steal the spotlight by showing up at my house before the party, sick, in pain, looking like a zombie and high on tylenol 3?

And didn't my sister spend the entire day at the hospital with her, not getting any answers, not getting a diagnosis, not attending her neice's first birthday party?

And isn't my mum finally getting discharged 5 days later, still with no answers, more scheduled tests, more procedures, hopefully no more pain?

And aren't my brother and sister reeling with the worry that we are going through this again, that the answers will be the worst answers, that the only news we ever seem to get is the worst news?

And will my head ever stop spinning?



  1. oh baby girl. i hope everything is okay. please keep us posted. love.

  2. Oh no! Five days in hospital and no answers? Thinking of you and your mum, hoping for the best...

  3. Hoping everything turns out ok...

  4. Oh hon, that sucks. Hoping you hear good news soon.

    Happy belated birthday to Dove, btw.

  5. Good thoughts. Many, many, many good thoughts.

  6. Oh no, no no. I'm so sorry kgirl. I wish I could stop the spinning for you.

    BTW Happy Belated ONE to the lovely Dove (how did that happen so fast?)

  7. crap.

    happy birthday one year old girl!

    may all of you get answers soon.


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