Let's Just Be Happy

Ok, forget all the depressing, Who’s Sick Now? Crap – I can’t handle it.

Not when I have two freakin’ adorable kids cuddled up together, sleeping peacefully.

Not when I have a husband who has worked until midnight every night for a week to get out of doing the dishes provide for his family.

Not when I have good friends that I can sit and drink wine, and laugh with. And laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Not when my company’s annual Christmas party is a week away, and the whole office is buzzing with anticipation. (seriously, we have really awesome parties.)

Not when, although my body will never look the same, I am, in fact, down to my pre-2nd baby weight (As for getting back to my pre-1st baby weight? Ha!).

And certainly not when, to celebrate, I treated myself to this cute little number for the party:

Let the festive season begin.



  1. I LOVE that dress!
    so cute.
    can't wait to hear all the dirty details after the party.

  2. Wow, you're taking her to the party with you? Nice.

  3. cute dress!
    I am very jealous.

  4. OMG, if I was at the party, I'd totally try to take you home in that dress (so I could steal the dress)(not that I wouldn't try to take you home anyway but still - I LOVE THE DRESS)

  5. Great dress! Now you have to post a picture of YOU in it.

  6. LOVE it! Wish I could still go to the parties.

  7. Very cute dress... hope we get to see a pic of you in it!

  8. Ooh! So cute! Makes me wish even more that the weight dissipated a touch faster...

  9. KP - c'mon friend - it's been a year for me.


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