I am scruffy. My house is scruffy. My kids are often scruffy, and my husband? Definite scruff.

I dream sometimes, of conditioned, flowing locks and gleaming hardwood and shiny children, but that is just a dream. (I wouldn’t unscruff my husband. I like him that way.) Actually, it’s not even a dream, more like a fantasy that I entertain momentarily when I see pictures of other people’s unscruffiness, or when unscruffies come over and have to endure hang out in my scruff.

I mean, it’s not gross – we’re not usually dirty. We’re all just a bit, well, unkempt. Mostly that is because I am supposed to keep myself and my things and my children kempt, and I do a lousy job. I am a lousy kempter. I just don’t always see the things that less unkempt people see, like natty baby dreads forming on my child’s head, or a loose string hanging off of my shirt, and by time I do eventually see those things, I have run out of time to deal with them. And then I forget about them again, because I am easily

Ew! Somebody in the next cubicle just farted!

To be fair though, this is not a result of having children. I’ve always been kind of scruffy, waaaaay preferring second-hand jeans (these days we call it vintage, but really, that’s just a less scruffy way of saying ‘used.’) and dready boys to nice pants and a haircut, and I have never trusted the pristine. I like things with a little bit of history, a little wear and tear – a story to tell.

However –

Finding out that there is a (really) big milk stain placed oh-so-strategically on my left boob shirt?

A little too scruffy, even for me.



  1. I've gone out with spit up down my back - that was my line. High five to a fellow scruff.

  2. i'm always a mess. dude.

  3. That shit happens to me all the time.

  4. I loved being scruffy until I had kids. Then it made me insane for a while and I dreamed of going back to work just so I could wear the same shirt all day without anyone puking on it.
    Now I think I am beginning to revel in the scruff again.
    I have only ever seen you kempt and all I can think of right now is the photo of you in your party dress which makes your assertation of scruff laughable..

  5. I am with you - I feel constantly "scruffy". Since I have a three year old and a newborn it is usual to have a messy house, and barf or nose goobers on my clothes.
    I have a friend though who has a three year old and I have no idea how...but she has a house that looks like it was recently photographed for House and Home. In fact, she has a white rug.

  6. I'm a total scruff. As is my house. But yeah, sometimes I still die a little when I realize I've gone out with baby puke on my shoulder - again.

  7. LOL!

    Boobmilk stains are the new black. Rock it, girl!

  8. *sigh*
    i, too, dream of shiny hardwood and shiny children.

    milk-stained boobs? er...not so much ;)

  9. We're all scruffy over here too. It's genetic, I think. I can dress my daughter like a princess, and in less than an hour she looks like a street urchin in a princess dress. She has the scruffy gene. In our family, it's X-chromosome linked.

  10. " I am a lousy kempter."

    That line made my day. Srsly.

  11. blah, blah, blogDecember 22, 2008

    Oh dear... If you and yours are scruffy, me and mine must be full blown neglected! (The husband is for sure. I like him that way).

    I'd say you're more groovy-retro-cool. And to my eye, your girls have always been immaculate; in that real kid exploring the world kind of way.

    I remember being at the park one day and looking at my girls with an outsider's eyes and thinking; 'Wow, I'm the mother whose children have dirty nails, ketch-up stained faces, and baby dreads' (that is until my mother-in-law helpfully cut them out).

    It really took me by surprise. I never thought I'd be that laid back. But now I'm left wondering, how far can one take 'it's building up their immune system' ?

  12. And this darling, is why I feel so right in your company. I should show you a picture of what I look like when walking the dog with my big coat over pyjamas.

  13. If we lived closer, I think we'd hang out together each week. I have an entire family of scruffy people.

    I don't know how people have the energy to iron clothing and wear perfect makeup and hair every single day. It's exhausting to even think about.

    I'm happy in my well-worn jeans and not-vacuumed-this-week floors.

  14. Scruff personified here. I still have breast milk stains on my wall that I am too sentimental to wipe up. My kid will be 4 soon.

  15. Scruffy not bad til the milk. Damn, found myself there many a times, but it's usually coffee.

  16. Scruffy is good.
    I often wish I was a bit more laid back in that department and less of a neat freak.

    Then again, if I had more than one child, I think I would be sporting the milky-tee too.

  17. You are being featured on Five Star Friday!


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