I feel really privileged to have been a part of history yesterday. Don't you?

There are so few times when I feel like people connect in a huge way, and it is of course, always over something either tragic or profound. I'm glad that yesterday, it was something profound.

Let's hope this feeling stays with us for a while.

I loved watching the coverage of the balls last night - they really are a cool couple. Which ball would you have wanted to be at? The Commander-in-Chief ball, full of ceremony and pomp and circumstance? The youth ball, entry to which I would still gain? (That made my day. Will cry when I slip into the next demographic.) I, personally, would have chosen the regional ball, because Jack Johnson was there.

In other, much less profound news, I drank some good hot chocolate while watching all the inauguration coverage last night. Share my joy here.



  1. we is yewts?
    really? when does that end?

    Here is a sad revelation. I could not watch because I was worried he was going to get shot. So now I am pouring over the papers trying to get a description of when he and Michelle walked along the parade route. Am getting sucked into the fashion pages now. How cute the girls wore Jcrew and looked fantastic!

  2. I couldn't get enough yesterday. CNN on all day and all night. It's amazing what hope can do. (And watching the Obamas together? That love and respect that radiates from them? *That* is romance folks.)

    But like Lisa - the thought of him getting shot was pretty terrifying. That walk he did during the parade. I don't think I breathed for the 7 minutes he was out of the car.

  3. Hee hee... I'm totally giggling about "watching the coverage of the balls". I suck.

  4. I went to sleep after the first dance, and missed the whole thing. Pathetic. (So why am I so damn tired today?)


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