Winter Wonderland

Cozy sweaters.

Hot cocoa with marshmallows.

A hearty bowl of soup.

The sound of logs popping in the fireplace.

The silence that only falling snow in the moonlight brings.

Shoveling out, surrounded by neighbours.

An orange toboggan sliding down a bright white hill.

Squeals of laughter.

Tiny skis on tiny feet.

Fat, wet snowflakes falling onto fat, wet cheeks.

Two snow angels.



  1. they are delish...but i'm so deep in my winter blahs right now that i'm WISHING for the cold and snow to stop! please! :)

  2. Look at Dove with her little plastic shovel.

    So cute.

  3. They are just perfect! Long live winter!

  4. skiis?? ok that pushed me over the jealous cliff

  5. You are definintely having a better outlook on winter than I am. Seriously, carrying my massive baby in the big stroller over mountains of snow is pissing me off.

  6. Dudes - I'm trying to be positive.

    Lisa - that would be x-country skis, my husband's from when he was tiny, and the terrain was my inlaw's backyard. it was so adorable. we'll wait til next year to head to whistler ;)

  7. I'd give my last piece of chocolate for a fireplace (sigh). Those girls rock.

  8. walkin' in a winter wonder land....
    those two are too cute..

  9. Oh, the adorableness x2!

    Now if only Peanut would go out in the snow. She talks big game about playing in the snow, but as soon as she actually stands in the snow. And god forbid has SNOW on her BOOTS! Actual SNOW, cause, you know, we're out in THE SNOW! Then we turn and head inside again. Sigh.

    When is it spring?


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