No, this is not my post

Hello lovelies,

Haven't stopped by in almost two weeks, so I thought I better pop over and make sure the pipes haven't frozen and burst or something.

The issue right now, is not that I have nothing to blog about, but maybe too much. Nothing earth-shattering; lots of ideas whose seeds are germinating, but I'm being a lousy thought gardener. I'll get out the spade and hose soon.

In the meantime, I've been spending my laughably few free moments cross-stitching, because, although I play a 34 year old mother of two small things, in reality I am a 70 year old gramma with a decent handle on pop culture.

I can't even post pictures to prove that I've been spending my time eating chips and watching tv creating beautiful things, because all of my projects of late have been gifts that I have not yet given to people that may or may not read this blog.

Although, this weekend I didn't really do much cross-stitching at all. I slept 12 hours on Friday night, relieved my stress with a tiny bit of retail therapy on Saturday, saw a REALLY great play Saturday night (yeah NoMo! Beautiful and talented, that lady), and had friends over on Sunday.

I spent a lot of time cooking this weekend: made beef stroganoff on Saturday night, (we don't eat a lot of red meat, but I'm worried about my children's iron stores. They're a bit pale. Maybe they're just Protestant. I can't tell.) peanut-butter rice krispie squares and a decent but mushy slow-cooker french toast casserole for our company on Sunday, and salmon patties with sweet potato fries and steamed veggies for dinner Sunday night.

I swear, if I could just spend my days cooking, crafting, and cuddling my babies, I'd be the happiest 70 year old granny in the world. Le't's work together to make this happen, people.


  1. i'm SO upset i missed saturday night. alas, the stomach gnomes got the better of me!

    would have loved to have gone. hmph.
    also, would like some peanut-butter rice krispie squares...so, um, send some over please!

  2. So, so glad you came! It really made my night. I only wish I didn't have to leave the bar so early. Damned matinee....

    (Oh, and can you send that stroganoff recipe my way? I have a craving..)

  3. You're pretty cute for a granny.

  4. I will help you achieve your goal any way I can granny.

    You always make me feel like I should actually be able to cook. I've been wondering about that soup you made last year. Which stock do you use? I have tried a couple and HATE them. they ruin the whole soup.

    am still sulking that I couldn't go saturday.

  5. Heh - I'll join you in your grannyhood. I've been stitching up a storm lately. If I ever get around to taking a photo of some of the projects I'm working on, maybe I'll ressurect my blog and post it.

    Somehow there's something reassuring about stitching, reading and watching tv on this endless ENDLESS winter.

  6. i am THOROUGHLY enjoying your blog. you're an extraordinary writer. it makes me miss you, even though i haven't really seen you in some gawd-awful amount of donkey's years. warm wishes!

  7. Boy, I hope I look as good as you when I'm 70...

    We ought to have a stitch & bitch some time - I just tripped across one of my long-abandoned projects!


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