Things Are Looking Up(chuck)

Unfortunately, the sick that seems to be ravaging Southern Ontario did not pass over casa kgirl. I even smeared lamb's blood on the door and set out a kiddush cup full of red wine for Elijah, but still, pukefest aught-nine found us. I thought I was the chosen people - what gives?

Ok, now that I've tempted a good smiting, I can tell you that fortunately, the pukefest has subsided, all adults are back in the land of the working living, and all tiny people are happy, and happily, not barfing all over my wool couch. Yeah, one more to add to the joy of having two children? Double the barf! Luckily, they were not barfing in tandem, and Bee kindly handled the midnight - 6am shift, while Dove covered the daylight hours.

Poor little pukers. That look they get, right before the shit hits the fan barf hits the floor? Breaks my heart. But not for long, as that look also signals the need to ricochet them away from my face, my pillow, the couch or the cat as necessary.

I was also left feeling queasy, and it wasn't just because I was the post-hurl clean-up crew. But, I was the least queasy of the bunch, so I dutifully made toast, tea and runs to the drugstore as needed. And once my brood was back in the pink, I stopped forcing electrolytes and vitamin C on them, and went back to just forcing healthy slow cooker meals on them. Their white cells will thank me later. Hopefully the plague has retreated for the season, and we can go on with the being healthy and all that. Germs, be gone. Lord knows I loves me a good exodus story.

You too can force healthy food upon your brood. Get the recipe here.



  1. blah, blah, blogFebruary 11, 2009

    Ah, yes, we've just come through slaughter ourselves. I'm still making my way through the mountain of laundry, with every sheet, towel, and rag we own having been sullied. Oh, and girl child the second did manage to hit the cat...

  2. UGH. Sorry you guys got sick - it sounds awful.

  3. oh crap. this is the first I've heard of this
    sometimes its nice not to see it coming...

  4. Yikes, sorry about the sick. There is not much worse than looking after sick people when you're sick. The one good thing about sickness is I relax the TV rules and we can watch as much as we like.

  5. NoMo - that's how we made it through.

  6. gah. so sorry. i don't know if this will make you feel better...but, um, at least you don't have three kids? hahah.

    i hate the barfs. i'm glad they are gone from your house!


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